Sunday, 1 February 2009

Sherrick - Just Call 1987

Warner Brothers Records W 8380 (T)

  • Just Call (Hot Line Mix)
  • Just Call (Collect Call Mix)
  • I'm Scared 'A You
Sherrick seemed to come from nowhere but he was overlooked by Benny Medina and Ray Singleton. It's only now that I realise Michael Stokes is the producer behind Sherrick, which is without a doubt, what got him on the hip list. He was actually given the chance to record solo by Berry Gordy's wife. Raynoma Gordy secured Sherrick the recording deal with Warner Brothers.

More importantly, these are M&M mixes which in the mid 80's got you a free pass to the turntable. Morales was a name in the 80's but this was John Morales and together with Sergio Munzibai, they remixed hit after hit. This team virtually wrote the blueprint for 80's Groove.

Just Call was the more sucessful of Sherrick's two single releases. The Hot Line Mix is short and to the point while the Collect Call Mix wanders everywhere but both are excellent mixes. I'm Scared 'A You never pushed my buttons I'm afraid. You see what I did there?

Sherrick recorded his self titled debut album and released two singles in the UK, Just Call and Let's Be Lovers Tonight, both of which were well recieved. He then vanished until the end of the 90's when he recorded material for a new album but tragically died (LA January 1999) before it was released. He was 42 and left a wife and three children.
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  1. One of my fave soul cuts. What a talent this man was too. Very underated singer...

  2. The talent of Sherrick impressed me,this 12'' was played a lot for Dj also radio shows here in Brazil,but unfortunately this wonderful voice left us early in 1999 , his death shocked all soul fans around the world.Since 1999 there is a site in the memory of Sheerick where all fans can remember his songs and leave a message in the guestbook.


  3. Sorry my mistake, the correct link is


  4. 'Just Call' was a serious tune, as was the even better follow-up 'Let's Be Lovers", but the album also offered some gems in the form of "Baby I'm For Real", and "This Must Be Love".

    Mickey P bringing back the real tunes! This blog is too good to be true.

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    Please re-up... Can't find it anywhere, thank you!!!


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