Thursday, 5 February 2009

Olu - Forgotten Man 1992

Ten Records TENCD 407

Olu Rowe is an immense talent and an inspiration for many. He is an accomplished vocalist, multi-talented musician and producer. He has worked behind the scenes with many groups as a session musician and vocalist. He has even sung on the work of Steve Hillage, a far cry from the world of soul and dance, I suspect?

In 1990, Olu arrived with One Nation, which was quite well known at the time. He then went quiet for a time before re-emerging with this beauty. Forgotten Man is remixed by Todd Terry which is enough to raise the eyebrows of most soul fans but fear not, for the man has been very respectful on this composition. Todd's 7" Mix and Todd's 12" Mix have an annoying snare beat that aggravates me but the Ultra Mix is as perfect as can be, in my humble opinion of course. The beautiful bonus track, Another Broken Heart is a showcase for Olu's stunning vocal ability.

  • Forgotten Man (Todd's 7")
  • Forgotten Man (Todd's 12")
  • Forgotten Man (Ultra Mix)
  • Another Broken Heart
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