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Change - The Very Best In You 1982

London Records LONX 009

  • The Very Best In You
  • You're My Girl
Forever doomed to be known as the band that spawned Luther Vandross. Change are criminally ignored in general and on the odd occasion that they get airplay or media coverage it's always in Luther's shadow.

Young Italian, Jacques Fred Petrus was a mechanic before his love of Soul music took him to Paris as a DJ. Back in Milan, Italy he worked at several famous clubs before hooking up with song writer and producer, Mauro Malavasi. They produced several Italian successes in the late 70's but when Change hit the market in 1980 with their debut album The Glow of Love, Petrus and Malavasi could never have imagined what was to come.

The Glow Of Love featured some lead vocals by the then unknown Luther Vandross and the album became the #1 Disco album of that year and a million seller in the U.S. There were two other Italians besides Malavasi on this album, bassist Davide Romani and guitarist Paolo Gianolio. Romani, who wrote, arranged and conducted the entire album in conjunction with Gianolio. Luther Vandross, was actually hired to perform with Jocelyn Brown. The album also received 7 Grammy's.

The success of Searching and The Glow Of Love exposed Luther's voice to mainstream and eventually led to a successful solo career starting in 1981. They didn't have to look far to replace him because back-up singer James Robinson had a similar vocal style.

Change's third album, Sharing Your Love, featured The Very Best In You which was less disco from the group's usual sound. Personally, I think it is almost as good as Glow Of Love and I prefer it to Searching. A little Change would do you good!

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