Tuesday, 24 February 2009

The Chimes - Love Comes To Mind 1990

Cooltempo Records CHIM C4

For Frank Black and many others that I'm sure will enjoy it. The Chimes fourth single taken from the album The Chimes is Love Comes To Mind. Here is the 12inch Extended Remix, with the CDS mixes, which includes the Remix, the Manasseh 12'' and Stay the Extended Remix, all produced and remixed by The Chimes (except Manasseh remixed by Scruff & Nick) and engineered by Raine Shine.

  • Love Comes To Mind (Remix)
  • Love Comes To Mind (Manasseh 12")
  • Stay (Extended Remix)
The Download Link is here: Download
Filename: The Chimes.rar Filesize: 39.23 MB


  1. A doff of the cap to you sir....

    I am sure this remix was done in mind of the sucess of Chante Moores 'Love Taken Over' and Junior Giscomber 'Morning Will Come' (Has that been posted allready?) rolling bassline. I am sure somone will correct me if i am wrong...

    Again thank you and this bring back some memories

  2. I've downloaded a few things from your excellent site and wanted to say thanks for this Chimes CD and your efforts in general. Very much appreciated.


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