Monday, 16 February 2009

Young Disciples - Young Disciples EP Remix (1992)

Talkin' Loud Records TLKXR18

How great a label was Talkin’ Loud? (Don’t answer, rhetorical question.)
Talkin’ Loud had many, many great artists recording for them and really carried the torch for the quality urban UK music scene of the early nineties, but, for me, no Talkin’ Loud artist or band came close to the Young Disciples.
I won’t wax lyrical about the YD's, Mickey has already written a nice piece about them in the post for the original Young Disciples EP. No, I’ll just talk about this particular release.
Move On, the main track from the YD’s EP was always due for release as a single. Like Get Yourself Together and the anthemic Apparently Nothin’ before it, it was much too catchy a track not to be. However, it is the version contained on this remix EP, the Soul Pride Mix, which got heavy rotation in the clubs and radio stations, and is regarded by yours truly as the definitive version of the track. Far superior to the album and original EP version, without being radically different.
Also included are two other mixes, the Hog Mix and the Lynch Mob Beats version, which was also included on the original EP, which vexes me a little, as I’d have liked an Acapella. Still, both tracks are, dare I say it, not bad as filler tunes *ducks something thrown by BadBoy*, but really, it’s all about the Soul Pride Mix.
The views expressed in my posts do not necessarily reflect those of Mickey P, but sometimes they might do, as he has an excellent taste in music.
For the original EP, and more on the YD’s themselves, please see Mickey's earlier post here.
- Kymba
  • Move On (Soul pride Mix)
  • Move On (Hog Mix)
  • Move On (Lynch Mob Beats)

The Download Link is here: Download
Filename: Young Disciples EP (Remix).zip Filesize: 17MB


  1. This was lovingly ripped from my vinyl copy of the EP. As far as I know, it was never released on CD.

    If anyone would like a go at removing the crackles, I can arrange to have my original .WAV rips sent to you, so you're not incurring two lots of MP3 compression.

    Kymba xx

  2. Oh My Gosh.....

    What a classy post, I can see I'm gonna have trouble here. Outclassed by my apprentice!

    You set yourself a hell of a standard there Kymba, This is indeed a great 12" and very worthy of the front page. I'm reluctant to make another post now. Might have to re-post it each week to move to the front? ;-)

  3. OK, it's down, it's played through twice at reasonable volume and I can confidently say that I can remove one click on the run out. Two, maybe three other crackles are in the music and are not worth the loss incurred. I've yet to find a bit of software that improves vinyl grind without taking away from the 'sound' quality. This is a good recording to my ears?

  4. Dope.

    Early rare Talkin' Loud stuff.


  5. Any chance of making this available again? Many thanks ;)


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