Tuesday, 17 February 2009

D'Angelo - Me And Those Dreamin' Eyes Of Mine (US import) - 1996

EMI Records, E2-58570
“Wiz zeese Seee-Deees you are really spoilink us!”
That’s right, my strange accented friend, as a lot of my fellow Brits might not have been able to get their paws on this particular release. It’s an imported US CD Single of a track I’m pretty sure never got released over here in the UK.
There’s not a lot I need to say about D’Angelo, really – you all know him already. If you don’t, and you consider yourself a fan of soul music, you should be ashamed. Besides, the Boss-Man Mr P has already written about our Neo-Soul hero in previous posts (search out Brown Sugar, or Lady, or Cruisin’). However, I’ll summarise for you: blah blah D’Angelo, blah awesome, blah sexy, blah Brown Sugar blah blah Voodoo blah where the hell has he been? Blah drugs blah new album out in 2010. I Can't wait!!
Now you’re up to speed, I better tell you about this particular release.
Me And Those Dreamin’ Eyes Of Mine was a standout track among a bunch of standout tracks on a standout album. No, really, the Brown Sugar LP was really that good.
Understated production, great keyboard/organ work and D’Angelo at his falsetto high-note hitting best, this track slinks along at a walking pace, aided by a beautifully sung chorus and, trademark D’Angelo fashion amazing harmonies.
There are no fancy remixes, alas. No instrumental. No acapella. Just a radio edit, and an album version. The real highlight of this particular CD single, however, are two live tracks, both excellent; Me And Those Dreamin’ Eyes Of Mine and one non album track, Can’t Hide Love, which is my fave of the two. Recorded right here in London at our pride and joy, the Jazz Café.

  • Radio Version
  • Album Version
  • Live Version
  • Can't Hide Love
The Download Link is here: Download
Filename: Me and Those Dreamin' Eyes Of Mine.zip Filesize: 21.9MB


  1. Did I really say D'Angelo was sexy. Don't sound like me at all?

    Hey, I can't argue with it, it's a good summary. Thanks Kymba, another great post. Looking forward to the live version. ;-)

  2. Heh... actually, that might've been me getting carried away. ;

  3. Can't Go wrong with D'Angelo


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