Saturday, 31 January 2009

Galliano - Frederic Lies Still 1987

Acid Jazz Records JAZID 1T

  • Frederic Lies Still
  • I Love You Baby (Jack, Jack, Jack Your Body)
  • Freddy's Revenge
Not for the feint-hearted. If you're not into Jazz, then you are unlikely to enjoy this? Think The Last Poets over a Curtis Mayfield break. It's a great moment though so I have to put it up.

It was 1987 and the Rare Groove thing was starting to happen. House Music was getting on its feet and the Brand New Heavies were still getting it together. I enjoyed dropping a track from the Superfly OST whenever I could, so many good tracks on that album and not enough time to play them all. I heard the break from Freddies Dead on the radio and flipped but it wasn't the song. Some guy is rapping over it, except it ain't rap.... it's poetry. Man, that's cool, it's retro, it's... Acid Jazz apparently.

This UK group enjoyed a fruitful period in the spotlight at the height of acid jazz's popularity in the late 80s and early 90s. The band was formed by new age rapper and jazz poet Rob Gallagher who retraced rap's origins to the Last Poets. Gallagher began broadcasting on pirate radio and got into the underground poetry scene. He performed at Gilles Peterson's Babylon club in Charing Cross, London. He loved the resident rare groove/jazz sounds, and incorporated them as his musical backing. He released this debut as a tribute to Curtis Mayfield and Last Poets' Jalal Nuridin, with Peterson. Galliano became an intrinsic component in the rise of Acid Jazz Records, building a fruitful relationship with producer Chris Bangs.

Frederic Lies Still is a new age play on Freddie's Dead from the Superfly soundtrack which is great but I Love You Baby is a gem with powerful lyrics and lots of angst. Freddy's Revenge is I Love You Baby played in reverse. No extras, no gimmicks, simply backwards, from finish to start!

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