Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Coldcut & Hexstatic - Timber 1998

Ninja Tune ZEN CDS65A

My apologies the soulies but I have a diversion today. Sorry, This Just Isn't Music!

No, this is Coldcut (again) and this time they have teamed up with Hexstatic and their on a mission. Timber comes from the Let Us Play album and it has a purpose. The aim of the 'song' is to raise awareness to the disappearing rainforests around the globe. It's a good cause and its a good bit of music but you need to be open minded. Click on the graphics below and read more about the campaign and the project. It is interesting, honest!

Timber has been built from sound samples taken from a documentary about the deforestation of the rainforests around the world. Included in the rar are the Video Remixes also which explains why it's 285 MB. This is an incredible piece of experimental music harking way back to the Steinski & Mass Media project. A collection of rhythms and melodies built from media soundbytes and layered to form a song. The original Chopped Down Radio Edit is perfect and no amount of tinkering can improve it. It is what it is! The remixes are mostly Drum & Bass ventures Quant's Shaggy Dog Story being my fav. They are all well put together but unnecessary. Clifford Gilberto's Jazz trips are way out there. If your head can get around it, this is a great experience.

  • Chopped Down Radio Edit
  • Quant's Shaggy Dog Story
  • DK Recut
  • Future 3 Network
  • Clifford Gilberto Remix 2 "cracked timber"
  • Hexstatic Video
  • EBN Video
  • Clifford Gilberto "a different forest" Video
The Download Link is here: Download
Filename: Coldcut & Hexstatic.rar Filesize: 285.48 MB


  1. Hi Soul Vendor, great music. Francesco.

  2. Hey Francesco,

    Glad to hear somebody appreciates it. I like to keep the goalposts nice and wide. Keep the vibe alive.



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