Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Regina Belle - Good Lovin' 1989

CBS Records Promo XPR 1452

It was the second Summer Of Love and the UK was reeling from a plethora of musical dance genres that sat side by side across the nations dancefloors. Many of those dancefloors were green and muddy. The wonderful thing about that Era was that good music was hard to define. If it lacked soulful vocals but had a squelchy 808, it could still be considered good because Acid House was in. Onto the manic dancefloors of the M25 London Orbital Rave scene came the songstress that is Regina Belle, an unlikely candidate if ever there was one.

Written by Carl Bourelly and produced & arranged by Narada Michael Walden. This was a special dance remix by Frankie Foncett but it ended up the only version people recognised. Of course, it ended up being used in a 1999 UK Garage tune called The Way by F.U.N. (Future Underground Nation) and Regina was forgotten.

I might add, this is far from Regina Belle's best work, neither is it Frankie Foncett's but it's a classic track that should be heard. The album that it's taken from, Stay With Me, is a very worthy addition to the collection. Produced 40/40 by Narada Michael Walden & Nick Martinelli alongside two Barry Eastmond tracks, it had the unenviable task of following her 1987 debut, All By Myself. All the superstar producers money could buy managed to pull it out of the dark but it was still left in the shadows.

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  1. Oh wow... an absolutely classic.

    I was 15 in 1989, and just a teeny touch too young to be out raving to this one - however, fast forward to '93 I remember being in love with a song called "The Way" by DJ Taktix. The vocal sample being cheekily lifted from this.


    Wish I were that young still!

  2. This was a tooon!


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