Thursday, 29 January 2009

Reach - Sooner Or Later 1991

Warner Music YZ601T

Featuring vocals by Lynieve Austin and a rap from Bryce 'Luvah' Wilson, this is Reach who debuted with That's The Way Life Is earlier in the year but I never got hold of a copy. I believe Kevin Osbourne is the mind behind Reach, he being responsible for the writing, production and editing, all in the name of Reach Unlimited. Cynthia Cherry gets a pop at the Executive Producer spot and all is good in the world.

Dancin' Danny D remixes both versions of Sooner or Later while the third track is a reasonable but unnecessary cover of Tom Browne's Funkin' For Jamaica (N.Y.). All in all, a good tune to have in the box but the A side is all you need. Shame they didn't cut a mix without the rap?

  • Sooner Or Later (Sooner Than Later Mix)
  • Jamaica Funk (Funkin Fo Jamaica)
  • Sooner Or Later (Dancin' Danny D's Mix)
The Download Link is here: Download
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