Thursday, 14 August 2008

Paradise Orchestra - Colour Me 1991

Pulse 8 Records 12 LOSE 10

Italian DJ's and disco pioneers, Corrado Rizza and Gino 'Woody' Bianchi who set up Wax Productions with Dominico Scuteri, a very talented musician. Colour Me by Paradise Orchestra, one of the best Euro House tracks ever released, was their first creation, released by Alvaro Ugolini and Dario Raimondi's Rome label, X-Energy. The record charted (briefly thank God) in the UK on the highly credible Pulse 8 label establishing for them, an excellent reputation on the dance scene.

For my money, the 70's Classic Mix says it all but a song of this calibre works anyway you want it. The hook is in the string section and The Theme is like a Stringapella, listen and it will catch you like a box of fishing hooks. THIS is why it works and yet it sounds so simple?

  • 70's Classic Mix
  • The Theme
  • Heavenly Mix
  • Dominic Mix
The Download Link is here: Download
Filename: Paradise Orchestra.rar Filesize: 30.33 MB

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