Monday, 18 August 2008

Asia Blue - Escaping 1992

Atomic Records WNRT 882

This song has been performed by several artists, including Dina Carroll in 1996, but Margaret Urlich's version, included on her 1989 album Safety In Numbers, seems to be the earliest. I don't have that album so I can't check the writing credit but Asia Blue credits "Written by B. Blue / R. Smith" whereas Dina Carroll's includes "D. Carroll / N. Lowis" As Barry Blue seems to be the man behind Asia Blue, I guess he is B. Blue and one is left to assume Dina re-arranged something?

The main version is a Steve Anderson Remix for the Disco Mix Club but the Sleeping Giant Mix is my fav.

  • Escaping (A Kiss Across The Sea)
  • Escaping (Sleeping Giant Mix)
  • I Want The Right (To Be Wrong)
The Download Link is here: Download
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  1. Thanks for this version!

    Barry Blue apparently had some solo singles in the 70s.

    Better known as a songwriter, he is the man behind 5 Star "All Fall Down" and Toto Ceolo's " I Eat Cannibals" (!!!)

    Barry is also the man behind dance outfit Cry Sisco!'s "Afro Dizzi Act" in 1989(remember that?)

    You're right about the Dina and Nigel extra credit bits...I think they added some additional lyrics.


  2. BTW, Steve Anderson is ACE!!! Love his productions and remixes!

  3. Afro Dizzi Act is produced by Uno Hoo, You Know Who, yes Barry Blue. It's rather scarey, Barry Blue recorded an awful song called Dancing On A Saturday Night back in '72. He would fare better incognito and yet it turns out he has been involved in a some very credible releases?

    I hope you found Steve Anderson's Tafuri mix then?

  4. Awesome, which fantastic "job" u'r doin' here.
    All the great 12" are worth a WOW ;)

    Do u got some CDS/CDM/VLS from Club Nouveau, Five XI, Jeffrey Osborne or Troop?

  5. yes, MickeyP...I did...Tafuri brought back loads of memories too!

  6. Just for the Record, with all due respect i dont recall Dinah Carroll arranging anything re: Escaping......I was in Asia Blue and heard her version and ours and could not hear a difference, if there was one, it was very sutble, it was written by Barry and what a wonderful job he did!! hope your well Barry!! who was also behing Boogey Nights - Heatwave, shall I go on???

  7. Oh my goodness me - someone from Asia Blue on here. Escaping is one of my all time favourite tracks and I just love it. At the time I wrote to the record company and received a promo pack with for the follow up "The boy in the moon". Whatever happened to you? The record company said you were having tracks written for you by a very famous writer, but then you disappeared. I was so looking forward to an album and was immensely disappointed when nothing was forthcoming. If it means anything to you now, your version of Escaping rocks anything Dina Carroll did.


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