Thursday, 14 August 2008

Lynden David Hall - Sexy Cinderella 1997

Cooltempo Records CDCOOL 328

The 1997 debut album Medicine 4 My Pain by Wandsworth-born singer/song-writer Lynden David Hall made an unprecedented impact on the discerning tastes of the Brit-Soul fraternity. At the time of completing that album he was still young, having just signed his first record deal at just 21. Sexy Cinderella (featuring Me'shell Ndegeocello on Bass) was the first single release, remixed for the dancefloor by CJ Mackintosh but including the superb album version.

In October 2003, he was diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma; he died on 14 February 2006, at the age of 31

  • Radio Edit
  • Album Version
  • Cosmack Radio Edit
  • Cosmack 12" Mix
  • Cosmack Instrumental
The Download Link is here: Download
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  1. Thank you , Mr. Mickey P !
    I already have Cutfather & Joe, Ignorants Mixes.
    But, this is my first time to listen CJ Mackintosh's Mixes.
    Great Work!! And R.I.P. to Mr. Lynden David Hall.

  2. OK,
    Ignorants Mix is here.

    And, C&J Mix is here.

  3. Cheers Tosh, not bad. I get the feeling that the C&J mix is an edit. Might have to hunt it down, thanks for the listen. Still think the Album version is best but they all work well. ;-)

  4. Thanks both for your work and information. I have two vinyls of sexy cinderella but i cant find vinyl that contain SC (C&J remix) i still searching in my collection.
    Would be great if you have Forgive Me and Do I qualify? remixes.


  5. Sorry José,

    I don't have Forgive Me and I'm not sure about Do I Qualify remixes. I will have a look but I'm not feeling hopeful?

    Thanks for your comments. ;-)

  6. Thank you again Mickey.

    I'm still searching my other vinyl of Sexy Cinderella but i just found the vinyl of Do I Qualify?. I ripped it and I scanned the label (sorry but i couldn't scan the cover because my scanner is too small).

    This is the link with remixes of it:

    Please if somebody have cds of Do I Qualify would it be great to get the others remixes.


  7. hey people, i have the Ignorantz mix of Forgive me & the BlakTwang "Perfect Love Song" remix that uses Sexy Cinderella & will upload it as soon as Sky sort out my internet connection!!


  8. Jose, scan the cover in parts. Two parts each side. I can put them back together again. Thanks for the link, I will add as a page if we can get the proper art.

    Go Bounce, let's hear that Blak Twang. ;-0

  9. Here I again my friends, checking my CD collection i found this CD single with full version of Sexy Cinderella, absolutly great, no doub it's my favourite version.

    Enjoy wit this.

    Kind regards

  10. Hello,I'm a mashup producer and would like to do a track with Lynden David Hall ... unfortunately, there aren't any acapellas nor instrumentals of any of his songs out there EXCEPT this one instrumental that's on this CDS ... unfortunately, this is the only link on your blog that doesn't work. Could you please repost the CDS? :)

    take care,

  11. It's been a long time since I got a lot of help here. I think we're starting again.

    Can you re-up this album?


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