Monday, 11 August 2008

Adeva - I Thank You 1989

Cooltempo COOLX 192

Adeva (born Patricia Daniels) is an American singer from New Jersey. Her big voice debuted on a Smack Productions dance cover of the Aretha Franklin/Otis Redding hit "Respect" in 1989 her debut album, Adeva!, came out in the same year. A critical and commercial success in the UK, it contained several hit singles of which I Thank You was the fourth reaching #17 on the UK chart. Along with Troy Patterson, Kevin Lewis & Brenda Mickens on backing vocals Adeva kicks up a storm but this 12" release fares well due to the additional production of SimpHouse legend Paul Simpson and engineer Dave Darlington who's name always seems to be on the best tunes. Respect is still a favorite, especially for New York City radio but for my personal preference, this beats Musical Freedom (another SimpHouse production) for the dance floor and I'd much rather hear the sublime Beautiful Love than Respect anyday.

Despite collaborations with Frankie Knuckles and being much sampled by numerous artists including Onephatdeeva, she allegedly now teaches 7th graders.

  • I Thank You (The Philadelphia Mix)
  • I Thank You (Philly Dub)
  • I Don't Need You
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