Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Lewis Taylor - Whoever 1996

Island Records PY 940

Lewis Taylor began musical life playing in The Edgar Broughton Band, an unlikely apprenticeship when you listen to his self titled debut, if you enjoy this, buy that. Coming over like a modern day Marvin; he has Gaye's passionate, creamy inflections down pat yet this is so much more. Taylor's prowess as a multi-instrumentalist and a highly eclectic musical sensibility also echoes the Beach Boys, Joe Meek, prog rock and psychedelia. Whoever is as wonderful a slice of soul as you are likely to hear. The other three tracks were not released on any of his albums, to my knowledge but give an interesting insight into his diversity. Listen in wonder to the psychadelic Pie In Electric Sky and marvel at how it becomes the wonderful soulful gem If I Lay Down With You. Waves is classic soul and then Trip So Heavy comes on like Marvin on LSD.... Taylor suffered commercially because programmers didn't understand where he was coming from. Stop trying to figure it out and just enjoy, every track is a gem!

BTW, the cover was designed to look ruff like that, it's in good condition, honest?

  • Whoever
  • Pie In Electric Sky/If I Lay Down With You
  • Waves
  • Trip So Heavy
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