Thursday, 21 August 2008

Capitol Classics Volume 2 1989

Capitol Records EMS 1338

Capitol certainly have more than their fair share of Classics but I only have Volume 2 & 3. Many thanks to Boo for supplying Volume 1.

Anybody have Volume 4?

Another learning curve for me.

I bought it for Maze, BB&Q and Paul Laurence.

I value it for Gene Dunlap & Cecil Parker.

  • William De Vaughn
  • B B & Q Band
  • Gene Dunlap
  • Maze
  • Xavier
  • Cecil Parker
  • Paul Laurence
  • Dayton
  • Gene Dunlap & The Ridgeways
  • Natalie Cole
The Download Link is here: Download
Filename: Capitol Classics Volume 2.rar Size: 64.88 MB


  1. I think I have vol 1 somewhere Nick.

    This one is the nuts tho, love this album so much.

    I also have vol 4 somewhere too. I'm gonna try find em over the weekend! Cheers for up'ing this one tho.


  2. Hey Bounce,

    Volume 4.... :-D

    Whoa! I didn't know there was a 4, what was on that one, anything essential?

    I'll try to get Vol 3 up a.s.a.p.

  3. Hi Mickey,
    I'd really like to up vol 1, but my old turntable is just a memory of itself (out of order), so here's a link to the scans of both sides if you want - Sorry...
    I didn't know there were vol 3 & 4.

  4. Hey Boo, great label scans my friend. Any chance of the front and back cover?

    You can scan top and bottom of each side (4 scans) and I can put them back together. Try to get the text on and I'll work around any missing bits.

    I have all the tracks so if you have the cover, it's a post? ;-)

  5. Hi Mickey,

    Here are the scans. I hope you can put them back together with Photoshop (I'm not too keen on that).
    The scans are 'big', but I couldn't do otherwise...
    Thanks for the re-assembling.

  6. The bigger the better Boo, I can always make it smaller but... make it bigger and you lose quality?

    Thanks Boo ;-)

  7. rubbish, vol.4 does not exist. only 3 LP's of vol.1,2 & 3 + a cd the best of vol.1&2 and a cd vol.3 which I have


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