Friday, 15 August 2008

Miles Jaye - Irresistable 1989

Fourth & Broadway Records BRLP 531

Miles Jaye became one of the most popular male vocalists in urban circles during the late '80s. Having learnt violin in New York and learned keyboards and bass in the Air Force, he worked with Phyllis Hyman before Teddy Pendergrass signed him after hearing a demo tape.

Island released his debut album Miles in 1987, and Let's Start Love Over was a sizable hit. He worked on Teddy P's album Joy but it was his next album, Irresistible, that became his most succesful, spawning two more singles Objective (featuring Grover Washington Jnr. on soprano sax) and Heaven. All seven of Jaye's albums are worth checking out but this is my personal favourite. I don't think it ever got a CD release but if I'm wrong then I would like to invest in a copy. Here then, is my vinyl rip.

  • Irresistible
  • Objective
  • Next Time
  • Slo Dance
  • Message
  • Neither One Of Us
  • Interlude
  • I'll Be There Tonight
  • Heaven
  • Love In The Night
The Download Link is here: Download
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  1. Oh, yeah! Miles Davis(His real name)
    Ex-member of "Village People".
    I like his first album too.

  2. And, as with Ray Simpson, I took great care not to mention the V****** P*****. Prejudice, it's a terrible thing? :-P

    Check out Strong, his third album, not bad at all.

  3. Sorry, Mr. Mickey P.
    But, you did mention 'bout T****** P***** though.^^
    Anyway, this album is also good!
    Thanks for your post!

  4. Only teasing Tosh but for real, some people will not listen when they read about The Village People. I myself, heard Miles Jaye before I found out, hard to believe he was part of that group. This album could not be more different. ;-)

  5. hi i like miles jaye. great great sound.

  6. just found this blog great music though, its all much appreciated


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