Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Lynden David Hall - Do I Qualify 1998

Cooltempo Records 12COOL 331

The ever popular Lynden David Hall makes another appearance, thanks to José Manuel who has kindly supplied, not only the audio but, all the artwork and credits. Respect!

Do I Qualify, the first single release from Medicine 4 My Pain (I believe?) remixed here by Karl "K-Gee" Gordon to fine effect. The Album Mix is included along with Def Squads Number 2 Mix but my favourite is the ever-so-soulful, DARC Extended Mix. Thanks for your hard work José.

  • K Gee Remix
  • Album Mix
  • Darc Extended Mix
  • Def Squad Remix - Number 2 Remix
The Download Link is here: Download
Filename: LDH - Do I Qualify.rar Filesize: 39.87 MB


  1. Thanks to you Mickey for your work in this fantastic Blog. It's a pleasure for me to be helpful with our love: Good Music.


  2. Thanks Mr. José Manuel.

  3. Thanks José,

    Got it and I will work on it mate. Watch this space. I'll delete your comment to lose the link otherwise, no point in posting it? ;-)

  4. Dear friends:
    Just check my CD collection and i want to complete this post with this UK release on CD. At my opinion the Sexy Cinderella (Untouchables Remix Feat Rha Goddess) is excellent.


    Enjoy wit this.

    Kind regards


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