Sunday, 17 August 2008

Adeva - Adeva! (Ltd. Bonus 12") 1989

Cooltempo Records CTLPD 13

When Adeva's album came out in 1989, it was accompanied, for a limited time, by a bonus 12" single featuring three unreleased mixes. Beautiful Love is remixed by Frankie Knuckles for Def Mix productions. The Dream Mix is more of a dub mix, featuring David Morales, John Poppo & Eric Kupper on keys, drums and programming, etc. I created my own Extended vocal with it coz it's boring. Promises & I Thank You are in-house Smack Productions remixes.

  • Beautiful Love (The Dream Mix)
  • Promises (Truth Mix)
  • I Thank You (New Jersey Mix)
The Download Link is here: Download
Filename: Adeva! Bonus 12.rar Filesize: 52.15 MB


  1. Congratulations from Brazil.
    Your blog is amazing.
    I would like to know if you have Funhill - Takes Time. I can't find it anywhere. Thanks and keep posting.

  2. Hi, Mr. Mickey P.
    Is that you who remixed Brian Mcknight's "You Should Be Mine"?
    Because I found the official "Mickey P Remix" of that song from UK.

  3. Great ! i m searching for the adeva album coz i had it on tape but cant listen to it anymore . Do you have it?
    Greetings from France

  4. Hi there Blue Baron,

    I do have the album but it is still available to buy including remixes as bonus tracks (not these though)and obviously CD quality. It's well worth picking up.

    Here, I'm concentrating on hard to find stuff that isn't officially available. After all, the artist doesn't get royalties from Ebay sales or 2nd Hand sales. Hopefully, that will help the record companies understand that I'm not just ripping off their product?

    Hi Brazil, sorry I don't have Funhill on 12". It is on Rumour Records compilation Movin' On which is an incredible series of Essential UK Soul from the early 90's. You can also find Just Don't Care on Inside! #2. Inside! on Step 2 Records celebrating the best in british soul, another essential series.

    Hey Tosh, I hope it's a good mix. I don't want anybody using my name in vain. Some people will do anything to get their 15 minutes of fame. ;-)

  5. Wow, thanks for taking the time to post this. I enjoyed your remix too. Beautiful Love is one of my favorite songs and Frankie Knuckles is one of my favorite remixers so it was nice to hear the Dream Mix for the 1st time.

  6. Thanks for the props Tim, not so much a remix, more what I call a Blunt Edit. It's a cut & paste remix but I'm getting quite competent at it. I love the vocals but wanted the extra groove. I'm glad you enjoyed it, makes it worthwhile including it in the download.

    Mick ;-)

  7. Thanx for ths Adeva was lookn for the New Jersey Mix for I Thank u.

    Do you have Jamaica - Tell Me Where it Hurts (RH Factor Mixes)


  8. A D E V A Forever . (douzi28.05.70 -


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