Sunday, 24 August 2008

Beggar & Co. - (Somebody) Help Me Out 1981

Ensign Records ENYT 201

It was in 1981 when Jazz Funk Group Light Of the World (originally including Jean Paul 'Bluey' Maunick) left the stage of Hammersmith Apollo and returned as Beggar and Co. They went on to some success with top ten hits like (Somebody) Help Me Out and Mule Chant No. 2 with help from Spandau Ballet. The members, Breeze McKrieth, Kenny Wellington and David Baptiste, (formerly the horn section of Light Of the World) Gee Bello and Nat Augustin. This track can be found on their album Monument but on this release it is edited and remixed by Barry Blue.
  • (Somebody) Help Me Out
  • Rising Sun

The Download Link is here: Download
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  1. Thank you again Mickey for this 12", i knew Beggar & Co. (I have Beggar & Co - Anybody See My Trial (12 inch)) but i never hear this release. When i listen "Somebody Help Me Out" the star of the track sounds like "Weeks & Co. - Rock Your World - a 1981 release too. Do you know what was the first release?


  2. Hey Jose,

    I haven't heard the Weeks & Co. tune, I remember the band but not that tune. The other Beggar & Co 12" that I have is Mule (Chant No. 2) from the same year, not as good but I will post it.

    BTW, please download this again as it had skips in it. It's a new link now.

    Mickey P. ;-)

  3. Thanks for posting this. I heard it on Music Choice on cable recently and it certainly perked my ears up. Obviously it's completely unavailable...except from your blog. So THANKS!


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