Saturday, 12 July 2008

Xscape - Who Can I Run To? 1995

Columbia 662811 2

If you think Xscape were a short lived venture, think again. They've had three albums to my knowledge, the last Traces Of My Lipstick being released in 1998. For their sophomore set Off The Hook, Jermaine Dupri provides some more great production on Who Can I Run To? (with Carl So-Lowe assisting on the remix), the girls doing a great job covering The Jones Girls track, The Mr. Dupri Mix uses Teddy P's Love TKO to bounce the song about and after a slightly worrisome opening it settles nicely. Do You Want To, penned by Daryl Simmons, is a straight-up song about making love, effective as an R&B Remix shuffler complete with rap from King Just (Adrian Angevin to his Mum) but particularly stunning in its Quiet Storm format here. An excellent release to push the album. Off the Hook, it certainly is.

  • Who Can I Run To? (LP Version)
  • Who Can I Run To? (Mr Dupri Mix)
  • Do You Want To (Remix With Rap)
  • Do You Want To (Quiet Storm)
The Download Link is here: Download
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