Monday, 7 July 2008

Salsoul I 1988

KISS Records LIPS 1

I bought this album specifically for the Surface track, Falling In Love. It had eluded me for some time but shortly after picking this up I managed to get the Ramshorm re-issue 12". Fortunately, this album was not a wasted purchase coz it has a handful of goodies onboard but despite the interesting notes from Norman Jay and the credits with each track, there is no mention of which version they are?

Double Exposure's Ten Percent is a storming disco track but somewhere there's 10 minutes of Walter Gibbons mix. The Salsoul Orchestra's Take Some Time Out For Love is an awesome track and this version has some cool lead guitar on it. Loleatta Holloway is a magnificient vocalist but I prefer All About The Papers done by The Dells. It's still a good version though. The Strangers contribute with Hubert 'D-Train' Eaves written Step Out Of My Dream, album version is my guess as it's definitely not the full 12" or Dream Version. Jimmy Williams puts on a fine performance with All My Lovin' but my favourite track here is Instant Funk with the Bunny Sigler penned Can You See Where I'm Coming From? Salsoul bliss and disco heaven!

I may add some history here later but meanwhile read Norman Jay's notes.

  • Jimmy Williams - All Of My Lovin'
  • Aurra - Are You Single
  • Loleatta Holloway - All About The Papers
  • Instant Funk - Can You See Where I'm Coming From
  • Double Exposure - Ten Per Cent
  • The Salsoul Orchestra - Take Some Time Out For Love
  • The Strangers - Step Out Of My Dreams
  • Surface - Falling In Love
The Download Link is here: Download
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  1. Hi Mickey P.,

    I got through your very tasteful blog by drifting on several blogs including Tru Spinna's

    This compilation reminds me of one of my several stays in the UK in the 80-90's, and Kiss FM, Bobby & Steve, the Zoo Experience, etc

    I bought it too, and strangely, the version of The Salsoul Orchestra is better than the 12" version (Time out...).
    Nice collection of soulful sounds, and by the way, do you have the 12" by Soul Expression on Dessy Jay Rec called (B side) 'Special kind of magic', A side being 'Feelings' in '94 ?
    Anyway, thanks for all of us listeners for your good vibes.


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