Monday, 28 July 2008

Wop Bop - Something Special 1991

Ten Records TENX 375 DJ

Wop Bop Torledo are Maryanne Morgan and Gary Stoner. Morgan provides Keyboards & Vocals while Stoner plays Bass, Guitar & Drum Programming, Both write, produce and arrange. Other musicians involved on their album include Michael Ruff (Keyboards), Jess Bailey (Keyboards), Gary Barnacle (Saxophone), Chris "Snake" Davies (Saxophone), Ron Asprey (Saxophone), John Thirkell (Trumpet), Louis Jardim (Percussion) and Mick Talbot (Style Council) plays Piano on Kissaway. The self titled album, Wop Bop Torledo, produced and engineered by Curtis Schwartz, was released in 1990 on Atlantic Records as was the original Kissaway 12" and previous releases. Something Special is released under Wop Bop. Still Something Special is included on the album and Kissaway is included on this 12". I suspect the 12" A - part of the remix title refers to the original Kissaway 12" placing. You can see from this here White Label Promo, that my information is zero?

Something Special is remixed by Carl McIntosh of Loose Ends fame and his Bubbler Extended Version is easily the better mix. The Kissaway (Soulamuffin Mix) was crafted by Femi Fem of the Young Disciples and is definitely the track that makes this release worth having. The Accapella Mix of Something Special may come in handy for the mixes though. Enjoy Nitro. ;-)

  • Something Special (Carl McIntosh Bubbler Extended Version)
  • Something Special (Wop Bop Extended Version)
  • Kissaway(12" A-Soulamuffin Mix)
  • Something Special (Accapella Mix)
The Download Link is here: Download
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  1. hey do you have some old house or garage sound records

  2. YOU MR P ARE THE MAN!!!!!!
    Thanks Man....

  3. Do I have House or Garage records...
    Is the Pope a Catholic?

    OK, I started a Soul Blog because this stuff is hard to find, especially on CD. I know from my own buying that House and Garage classics are easy to find on compilations and re-release 12"s. If I just wanted my blog to look cool because of the popular listings then it wouldn't be the way it is.

    OK, sorry bout that, lecture over, I will post some House & Garage but I'll be searching for selective stuff that I believe isn't easily found and contains an element of Soul. Feel free to suggest titles, if I have them and I think it is fair then I'll post them, Deal?

    For now though...

    Thanks for the props guys. ;-)

  4. Hey man... some House classics for me include Kariya - let me love you for the night . Hanssen and Davis- Hungry for your love Produced by Mantronix i beleive(?)Trying to think of some UK ones...


  5. Nice post here, never heard either of these mixes, wasn't there a Knuckles mix for the track "Jungle Fever?"


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