Monday, 28 July 2008

Carlton - Do You Dream 1990

3 Stripe Music SNMX 1

Another oddity from 1990 was this offering by Carlton. From the album, The Call Is Strong, produced by Smith & Mighty, the Bristol based 3 Stripe Studio production team who's signature style consisted of adding dubby sounds and trippy atmospherics to the very fashionable Soul II Soul beats of the era. Carlton had limited but effective success. Smith & Mighty had far more longevity, pioneering Drum & Bass via Trip Hop.

Not for the purists, I would have preferred to have started with Cool With Nature or even Love and Pain but I can't find them at present so I'm limited to Do You Dream which can be a bit overwhelming. High BPM's here and a frenetic percussion style, Part 2: Can't Pay Won't Pay is a dancefloor marathon with lots of breakdowns. Come On Back gives you a better idea of Carlton's style but if in doubt, listen to the Accapella. Carlton McCarthy has soul!

  • Do You Dream
  • Come On Back
  • Do You Dream Part 2
  • Do You Dream (Accapella)
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Maybe we could leave the crowd
Bodies talk, without sound
All alone out on the street
As we breathe, through the rain

When you hold me, do you dream
Does it seem, that you'll stay
Come together's what I dream
Linked together, like a chain

Can't break free, have to play
Can't be dreaming, its too real
How you feel, got to stay

When you hold me do you dream
We're linked together, like a chain
Inside my dreams,
We're linked together
Like a chain


  1. If anybody grabbed this, Come On Back was not? It's now fixed!

    Sorry :-(

  2. Isn't this one of the greatest tracks of that period? Too good to be true. Thanks for sharing!

  3. This song has haunted my subconscious ever since i heard it at a "deep house" club in 94 .... my god do i love this 12" .... always wanted as copy of this ..... now digitized !


  4. Não ouvia esta faixa desde que era garoto. Vou procurá-lo para adquiri-lo. Congratulations. Hugs.

  5. Heard this for the first time recently on a Derrick May mix from 1989 (The Barn in Braintree if anyone ever went?)

    Loved the track straight away and ordered it from Discogs. It's arrived at my work and I can't wait to get home and bang it out!

  6. This takes me back to a club called "317" in Orlando, Fla. A small hole in the wall with the thickest house sounds I've ever experienced! Love it man! Thanks!

  7. Been waiting for this. Has anyone located the mix with the base? I remember that vividly! Thanks for posting. Always been one of the best sounds ever.

  8. I first discovered this track years ago when I came across the first line being sampled in an old jungle track (Asend's 'Can't Hold Back' btw). I was chuffed to find the 'Do You Dream (Remix)' from 1990 whilst raking through a second hand music store and fell in love with the 'Flavour Remix' of it.

    The one thing that bugged me was that my terrible hearing made it nigh impossible for me to decipher the lyrics. So many, many thanks for adding them here.


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