Friday, 18 July 2008

Raw Stylus - Use Me 1993

Acid Jazz JAZID 69CD

The original Raw Stylus was Class-A Sound System Soul. The main players are Jules Brookes & Ron Aslan, initially with Deborah Ffrench who was replaced by Donna Gardier when she left, shortly before the big breakthrough, ouch!

There have been many musicians, here are some of them:
Drums: Andrew Missingham, Perry Melius
Bass: Yolanda Charles, Jerry Brown, John MacKenzie
Guitar: Nemo Jones
Keys: Rikki Reid, Ski Oakenfull.
Backup vocals: Angela Murrell, Lucy Vandi, Sam Brown, Shannon
Brass: Andy Ross, Neil Yates, Matt Coleman, Micky Ball.

Use Me was an underground Acid Jazz favourite, written by the legendary Bill Withers (Lovely Day) other singles were: Bright Lights, Big cities, Pushing Against The Flow, Many Ways (Mo' Wax), Change and US Billboard dance music No.1 single, Believe In Me. Geffen in the US, were busy promoting Beck and Wu-Tang Clan and didnt really take much notice of Raw Stylus. They called it a day after touring until the end of '98. Donna went on to join Sting's back up band, Jules is MD of a successful music college and marketing company, Point Blank, whilst Ron relocated to Thailand to run a design company, Cha Cha Supermarket.

  • 7" Edit
  • Main Mix
  • 12" Remix
  • Boom
The Download Link is here: Download
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  1. Now, I realize they were as good as Incognito & The Brand New Heavies. Also, Loose Ends & Soul II Soul.^^

  2. I love Raw Stylus but have an other 12" Version where Boom doesn't appear but a 3 or 4 songs flipside which includes "Something about you missing me" ... I can't find it anywhere ... guess it just appears on a Vinyl Version? hm ... can you help?


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