Thursday, 24 July 2008

JTQ with Noel McKoy - Love The Life 1993

Big Life Records BLRD 93

The James Taylor Quartet are a British four-piece jazz funk band that were formed by Hammond organ player James Taylor. The core line-up includes Nigel Price (guitar), Gary Crockett (bass) and Neil Robinson (drums). Their is also a horn section, The Alive & Kicking Horns, comprising John Willmott (tenor sax/flute) and Nick Smart (trumpet) and a vocalist Yvonne Yanney (not featured on this release). Often referred to as simply JTQ, the group are affiliated to a collective of, mainly, London based UK musicians and groups, members of which, guest on each others recordings.

On this release, Noel McKoy of the group McKoy (backing vocals), is the featured guest vocalist on the track Love The Life, a classic uptempo paean to the joys of life originally included on the 1990 Do Your Own Thing album. The 12" Revisited mix is, I believe, the 1993 remix by Chris Jones & James Taylor but the original 12" came out in 1990 with Morales mixes. Alongside are two JTQ instrumental tracks, the quirky but funky Breakout from the 1993 Get Organised album and the excellent soulful jazzy, Higher World which as far as I know is only available here.

  • Love The Life (Revisited Edit)
  • Higher World
  • Love The Life (12" Revisited)
  • Breakout
The Download Link is here: Download
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  1. Amazing. Any chance of a Young Disciples post. Specially, I used to have this in vinyl but cannot find it.

    Thanks for all this good stuff.


  2. I should have a YD 12" somewhere but for now, try this?

  3. Clap ! Clap! Clap! Clap!
    Your site is absolutely fantastic, I understand very well you intention to put the soul music in the world scene again and make known many artists of this movement. Your information about each artist is very precise and rich. I wish longevity for this site.
    Larry DJ_Brazil

  4. Hey Mr P, firstly thanks for the amazing posts. being a born and bred Londonner growing up in the 90's i was a big fan of most of the music that you post. i now live 7000 miles away from london as well as my record collection, and you help me hear tune that i aint heard for time... like Omar/Kongo dance stuff/ Misty Oldland etc.
    so a massive ' keep it up bro'.
    if i can request something it would be Kissaway by Wop Bop Torledo - the YD Soulamuffin mix.that would mean the world man...
    anyhow keep it up man...

    Just for the beat

  5. I'm pleased to get your feedback guys. Regarding the info, I have tried to make the info as accurate as possible because its important to me too. I'm a trainspotter.

    The music post is easy, it's the art and notes that are time consuming. Glad it's not a wasted effort. My main worry is whether 'The Man' will understand my intentions.

    To the London Boy, I wish I was 7k miles from London.... Glad you're on board man. I love the fact that I put Omar on in my bedroom and you hear it in some exotic part of the globe I dream about?

    Hang on in there people. ;-)

  6. any chance of fabulous but extreme hard to find MORALES remix of this piece ? i have only edit on promo 7 vinyl single and very used. good work anyway here

  7. I think I can help out with some YD's releases. I have "Apparantly Nothin'" on CD single, "The Road to Freedom" album CD and also a 12" release with the "soul pride" remix of "Move On" - which is considerably better than the album version. Don't wanna tread on your toes there Mickey, but if you want any contributions from fellow music lovers, let me know - it'd be nice to return the favour for you supplying me with Courtney Buchanan, Tammy Payne, Joanna Law and YoYo Honey.

    Kymba x

  8. Any offers gratefully received. I'm sure the album is available on CD and I don't wanna take the bread from anybody's table, especially not Carleen's. Very interested in the singles though Kymba, if you can supply the artwork too?

    I scan 12" covers (at 200 dpi) in 2 sections (or 4 if there is detail in the corners) then rar and upload, email the link to mcp666 at hotmail dot com and tip me off on the blog. I will put them back together. My main aim is to get 'readable text' for the trainspotters like myself.


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