Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Tammy Payne - Take Me Now 1991

Talkin' Loud TLKX 12

In 1991 there was a whole heap of dance, trance, house, garage (uplifting vocal house at this point in time), rave not to mention the new style soon to arrive 'bass, breaks & bleeps' On the other side of the fence hip hop, trip hop, rap & acid jazz.... Hmmm?

From this Acid Jazz genre came Talkin' Loud Records who had the foresight to release this beautiful song with a jazzy lilt. Tammy Payne is a name I'm familiar with but I know very little about her. Take Me Now, written by Tammy & produced by Billy Osbourne*, came from nowhere and after another release, Do You Feel It (Like I Do), that had little impact she disappeared again. I believe she featured on some of Smith & Mighty's songs before hooking up with Jim Barr for some obscure releases on Cup Of Tea and Twisted Nerve Records.

*Billy Osbourne is the brother of Jeffrey Osbourne, and an original member of L.T.D.
Thanks Mr V. ;-)

  • Take Me Now (Loop Mix)
  • Take Me Now (Loop Instrumental)
  • In Heart And Mind
The Download Link is here: Download
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  1. One of my soul faves from that year. Acid Jazz was such a cool label when it started!

    btw, MikeyP. I've been looking for Hold On by Eric & The Good Good Feeling but to no avail. I had that on vinyl back then.
    Any chance it's in your collection?

  2. Sorry BritSoul but I don't have that unless its on one of my compilations?

    I keep my eye out for it. ;-)

  3. I believe the link is dead ...

    long live the link ????

    re-up please .?.?.?

  4. I'm going to re-up a few links where I can on here. I'll make this one of the first. Watch this space!

    Kym x


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