Monday, 8 September 2008

Frankie Knuckles - Rain Falls 1991

Virgin Records VUSCD 60

Frankie Knuckles other productions from this period seem to get much more attention but Rain Falls is one of his best for me. Taken from the album Beyond The Mix, this is a classic that got lost in the shadows cast by it's siblings. It features vocals by Lisa Michaelis and music by Satoshi Tomiie and the cherry on top is backing vocals provided by Danny Madden (on the Morales Mix) and Moisture. This is more than just another Def Mix Classic.

As the 90's settled in so the record companies urged and manipulated the market to encourage the record buying public to become the CD buying public. If we ignore the vinyl sycophants and look at it logically, it was a good idea. Unfortunately there were many downsides, one of which was the time restrictions to qualify for pop chart inclusion. This led to the major labels insisting that radio edits be included and leaving out the full length versions? In this instance I was deprived of some great mixes including David Morales awesome 10 minute epic, the Soakin' Wet Mix. If anybody has it, I would love a copy. In their place, we are provided with Workout featuring the vocal talents of Roberta Gilliam. Ms. Gilliam sang a slow groove classic back in the 80's called All I Want Is My Baby and she has a fine voice. You would imagine that the combination of a House Music Legend and a Voice from the heavens would result in the stuff that anthems are made of but.... not this time?

  • Rain Falls (Wet Radio Mix)
  • Rain Falls (Frankie's Original Version)
  • Workout (1992 Vocal Mix)
  • Workout (Eric Kupper Vocal Mix)
The Download Link is here: Download
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  1. Hi,

    I really love your blog! Thanks for sharing those beautiful songs.

    Here's my turn to share the song you're looking for. I just posted Frankie Knuckles feat. Lisa Michaelis - Rain Falls (12" Soakin' Wet Mix) on my blog today. This track is ripped from my promo CD and I hope you enjoy it.


  2. You are a gem sir! big thanks for that and can I suggest anybody else reading join me? ;-)

  3. Wow such a classic, always enjoyed this.

  4. Cheers,check out FDM's link above. The remixes are sheer quality Jay!

    Mickey P. ;-)

  5. All the mixes from the 2x12" US PROMO

  6. Hi is there another download link for this??


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