Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Pennye Ford - Dangerous 1985

Total Experience Records FT 49976

Penny (with or without an 'e') Ford's musical roots run deep, daughter of record exec. Gene Redd Sr. (King Records) and singer Carolyn Ford and sister of Sharon Redd ('Beat the Street'), She was exposed to a lot of music as a result of Dad's work with James Brown and Kool & the Gang. She got into music at five years old, when she started piano lessons and she eventually became an in-demand session vocalist. Ford can rightfully make claim to being "Ms. New Jill" before there was New Jack Swing. She signed with Total Experience Records, home of the Gap Band and can be heard on their hit single I Found My Baby. The New Jack sound owes a lot to the artists of Total Experience.

Ford debuted as a recording artist in her own right on the 1984 album Pennye, which yielded two R&B charters, Change Your Wicked Ways and the slammin' Dangerous (this 12" is a must for dance fans). With production by Jonah Ellis, Oliver Scott, Jimmy Hamilton and Maurice Hayes (Have Myself a Good Time), and Yarborough & Peoples (Don't Stop the Music) Pennye was loaded with sassy soulfulness and is a good precursor of the new jack sound. Remix duty is carried out by Lonnie Simmons, the legendary Total Experience producer that made the Gap Band a success.
Ed Hogan, All Music Guide

  • Dangerous (Remix)
  • Change Your Wicked Ways (Remix No. 1)
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  1. Great one, escpecially the remixed version of Dangerous with the great samples @ the beginnin.
    Unfortunately :(.... a few skipps (above 6:00)



  2. Thanx 4 being my ears John, it's a pain working like this but I'm pretty sure these are compression probs due to lack of RAM?

    Anyway, Dangerous re-ripped and rar re-upped. Enjoy. ;-)

  3. Thanks for reminding me about this 12", Dangerous in particular for me was a great dance track from those early 80's days... such memories.

  4. wow yep when hip hop and eletro was around .. had to keep tha wikid dancge grooves in my colection and without doubt and to get this 12" u dont get em like they used to these days..miss it all .. tha funkiness of it

  5. could you please repost this? thank you sooooooo much!

  6. eternally greatful i am! thank you! Do you have her 1993 full album?

  7. Sorry my friend, I only have the 1984 album. I have never even seen the 1993 album?

  8. dammmnnnnn.forgot how hot this 12" was,thx


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