Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Pride 'n Politix - Hold On 1991

East West Records A8707T

Pride 'n Politix released an album Changes in 1991, written and performed by multi-talented Robyn Smith and vocalist Nikki Romillie (a.k.a. Colnel Red) along with saxophonist Carlton Romillie. The album was produced by Smith and overseen by Merlin Bobb & Sylvia Rhone, recorded in both London and LA and released on East West America and casting doubt on the groups origin. It's pretty damn good but didn't really get the recognition it deserved.

The opening track, Hold On was released as a single prior to the albums release and was handed to the Def Mix Production crew for remix treatment. David Morales turned out this splendid piece of work, engineered by John Poppo, which set tongues wagging on the club scene but possibly let the album down when it came out as a straight soul set. Either way, this release is most excellent. The LP Version gives an insight into the album but the Extended Remix transforms the track into something uplifting and totally awesome. The Bonus Mix is really just an Instrumental version of the remix.

  • Extended Remix
  • Bonus Mix
  • LP Version
The Download Link is here: Download
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  1. Mickey,

    Gotta say that I'm love what your doing with this blog here. Droppin' so many gems!
    Question, do you happen to have the album that Pride n Politix released? Been trying to get a copy of that for a while?

  2. Thanks for the props mate. I have the album somewhere, I'll see if I can dig it out? ;-)

  3. If this blog is still around, please reup let me know.


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