Saturday, 6 September 2008

British Soul Hits

Sure Delight Records SDCD 6

I'll apologise for this post because it's a very 'budget' release with poor packaging and no sleeve notes etc. The front cover isn't badly scanned, it is like this?

Anyway, I have posted it because it is a very good representation of the 'London Thing' that was happening in the 90's. I have posted a few of these 12" but this puts a few more in reach, tracks like The Enforcers which I don't have on 12".

Jet Star were all about getting the product heard, they wanted the UK on the International Talent Map. The music on this album, was for me the sound of South London in the early 90's.

The Download Link is here: Download
Filename: British Soul Hits.rar Size: 61.29 MB


  1. Congrats, wonderful compilation, love the sound of England, both of London as the pure streetsoul from manchester. congratulations

  2. Could you re-up this?

    That D-Fex tune was bad back in the day.


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