Sunday, 7 September 2008

Inside! 1992

Step Two Records lptep1

Celebrating the best in British Soul. A superb line-up here, some of the best tunes of the moment and they are timeless classics. I missed off McKoy - Fight because it's available as a single and the double LP rip didn't fit on a CD. OK, fair enough, I've also posted the Act Of Faith 12" but hey, I made an executive decision.

For me personally, the jewel in this particular crown is the opening track. Opaz - When We're Making Love is one of the finest soul songs ever made (in my humble opinion of course, excuse me if I blush...). Other favourites are Michelle French, Middle 8 featuring Chris Ballin, Gems For Jem (Steve McCutcheon & Darren Pearce), D-Swing, Mary Pearce and Metropolis but trust me, nothing is bad on this compilation.

  • Opaz - When We're Makin' Love
  • Michelle French - Be Still (Funky Lick)
  • Middle 8 - Me O My
  • Ria Caitaine - Been Fooled
  • Act Of Faith - The Whole Thing
  • Gems For Jem - Even When You're Gone
  • Tee Green - Mystery Girl
  • D-Swing - If I Knew (Two Step)
  • Circle Of Life - Hold Me Closer
  • Mary Pearce - Love Away
  • Feel - Coming Closer
  • Jay Dee - Simple Solution
  • Ipso Facto - Running To My Baby's Arms
  • Metropolis - Slow Down
  • Perfect Taste - Through All Times (Remix)
The Download Link is here: Download
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