Thursday, 16 April 2009

Sinclair - Ain't No Cassanova 1995

Dome Records CD DOME 103

OK, Kymba is taking care of I Want You Back so I thought I'd throw up the 1995 remix of Ain't No Casanova. It's not a great release, the Groove '95 Remix trying to use the Jackson 5 bass line as it's hook and the Ken Kessie US Mix being the US Encore Mix renamed.

It is of interest however, for it's inclusion of the 2B3 Back To Basics Remix which opens it up with a light and airy production. Unfortunately, I find it distorted and uncontrolled. It's certainly not up to 2B3 standards which is a shame.

All is not lost though because we still have the beautiful Stay With Me Tonight which is not Street Soul but is a classy stepper worth having, especially as it wasn't on the 1994 I Want You Back album.

  • Groove '95 Remix
  • Ken Kessie US Mix
  • 2B3 Back To Basics Remix
  • Stay With Me Tonight
The Download Link is here: Download
Filename: Sinclair.rar Filesize: 27.99 MB


  1. No babe, I'll take care of "I Wanna Know Why" - I don't know the other track!


  2. This is my music (and remixes)!!!!
    Thank you!!!

    Kind regards

  3. Now, if you had stuck to I Wanna Know Why, you'd have been OK but to say you don't know the other track?

    Shame on you Kymba! :-D

  4. Might have to side with Mickey on this one.... You have to know 'I want you back'. classic and a half.

  5. I never really took him seriously, I guess.

    I have "(I wanna Know) Why", but don't particularly like it. I'll post it today, but don't expect a glowing write-up! ;)

  6. He didn't get a glowing write up from me honey. I much prefer the bonus tracks on both these CD's. It's Over is, by far, a much superior song and performance but it's a ballad. People don't seem to value ballads? :-/

  7. Yeah, I must admit, I go more for uptempo funkyness - that's not to say I don't like ballads, but I'm incredibly picky about the ones I do dig.

    Regarding Sinclair, I'm only playing, he's okay. (I Wanna Know) Why is a fairly decent, catchy track. It is, other than Casanova, the only track I know of his, though.

  8. I luv this kind of tune, my fav mixes are , the kessie US and 2B3, trax 2 and 3 absolutelly my kind of beat.
    Thanxxx :-)


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