Sunday, 26 April 2009

Omar - Golden Brown 1997

RCA Records 74321 52542 2

In 1997 Omar released his new album, This Is Not A Love Song. Before it's release, he released a single from the album which surprised many. A cover of a Punk Rock ballad, an Ode to Heroin, a Heart FM classic?

In retrospect, it was a move of pure genius. Golden Brown, by The Stranglers, is a song that millions of normal everyday people feel comfortable with (many don't even realise it's about drugs) and therefore it might get the multi talented, under appreciated, genius that is Omar some kudos. It didn't of course, but it did give us this CD single release.

This release is all about Wherever, which is also from the album but on the album it is not remixed by the Blacksmith team though. The Blacksmith Full R&B Rub is eight minutes of pure class, leaving the, otherwise good, Blacksmith Hip Hop Mix in the shade.

The Brass Tooth "Well Constructed" Mix is a fine example of just how good a 4x4 remix can be. It plays a little fast for Omar but Croydon's Neville Smith who would put out the excellent Celebrate Life on Well Built Records the following year, has done a great job. This mix puts the song on the dance floor whilst retaining the soulful body of the song and giving it an uplifting gospel element.

  • Golden Brown
  • Wherever (Blacksmith Full R&B Rub)
  • Wherever (Blacksmith Hip Hop Mix)
  • Wherever (Brass Tooth "Well Constructed" Mix)
The Download Link is here: Download
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