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Pauline Henry - Too Many People 1993

Sony S2 Records 659594 6

Pauline Henry started her career as the lead-singer of the Scottish band The Chimes. She then went solo and released two albums: Pauline and Do Over. The singles include a cover of the Juicy classic Sugarfree, Watch The Miracle Start and Too Many People.

After parting with The Chimes, Henry needed to reassess her career:
"After The Chimes, I took a while to think about what I really wanted to do with my career. I got my head down writing and had 25 songs. I learned my craft live, as opposed to being 'created' in the studio. I didn't know much about studios until I joined the Chimes."
As she idolizes Tina Turner, it was doubtless no accident that her debut album included Can't Take Your Love, co-written with Terry Britten, who had penned many of Turner's biggest hits. There was also a cover version of Bad Company's Feel Like Makin' Love, revealing her R&B roots.

Too Many People has the catchiest chorus ever and this 12" release features an all-star cast of remix talent. Unfortunately, in my humble opinion, nothing can raise the song higher than a very well performed, fairly good song with an extremely catchy chorus. Don't get me wrong, it isn't I Should Be So Lucky but Pauline is capable of great work so why give her any less than great songs. Blacksmith do a fine job as usual, as do Absolute and the less obvious Ten City. Hard to choose but the Blacksmith Extended Mix is probably the pick of the bunch. Enjoy, it is a good song and were it by an unknown I would probably think even more highly of it?

  • Extended Version
  • Blacksmith Dancehall Mix
  • Blacksmith Extended Mix
  • Absolute 12" Mix
  • Ten City 12" Mix
The Download Link is here: Download
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