Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Cameo - Skin I'm In 1988

Club Records JABCD 77

Last week, Larry Blackmon strutted his stuff at the O2 Indigo. I had the opportunity to go but couldn't make it. Absolutely gutted. As a tribute to a fine group who have contributed far more than most to dancefloor history, The Soul Vendor proudly presents Cameo.

By 1980, Cameo already had a history as a 13 piece, funk and soul phenomenon. Albums such as Cameosis and Knights of the Sound Table were laid on a foundation of legend.

In the mid-80's Larry Blackmon and his crew were ready to move on. With Alligator Woman in 1982, the band stripped down to five main members. Blackmon moved the band in a new direction, giving them a cutting edge sound dominated by a drum machine and prominent bass line. He donned 'a red codpiece', added his trademark "Ooow!" into the mix and totally reinvented the group.

Cameo's 1983 release Style was one of the first to come from this new label and was the first disc to capitalize on Cameo's new sound. She's Strange came out in 1984 and its '12-inch mix' was a major smash in the clubs. 1985's Single Life was also a major club hit that saw some crossover success, especially in the UK.

Word Up! hit the airwaves in mid-1986, the resulting album turned Cameo into superstars. The follow-up tracks, Candy and Back and Forth, were also huge hits for the funk trio. By this time, the band were included in every mix or album compilation going. Les Adams remixed Word Up! to great effect and soon after the original Cameo Megamix made it's presence felt. The Cameo Megamix Two is an epic 10 mins of blistering anthems that doesn't sell you short.

Two years later, Cameo released Machismo to lukewarm response despite favourable review. It's a good song with a positive message and yet Skin I'm In sunk without a trace in the UK. It would appear Cameo's reign was over. Almost in reflection of this, Honey is a short reprise of Candy without a song as such. It simply echoes a song that once was.

  • Skin I'm In
  • Honey
  • The Cameo Megamix Two
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  1. Nice one Mick.

    This tune is underrated. It might not be as groundbreaking and insistent as some of their finest moments, but it is certainly a sly infectious funk groove that deserves more attention.

    Gotta love those horns!

    And, for the record, Cameo can still kick it live.

    Cheers for the post.


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