Thursday, 2 April 2009

Nine Yards - Always Find A Way 1999

Virgin Records VSCDT1746

Once again, supplied by Alifunk.

This time it's Nine Yards with their pre millennium joint, Always Find A Way. I must confess, Nine Yards never really did it for me but I know there was a lot of love for them. Like other UK R&B outfits, Nine Yards adopted the smooooth US-style. What made them a little more interesting than most was the involvement of some genuine talent, both in the playing and songwriting departments. Along with vocalist Clevedon Buntyn and rapper Ian Thomas, the South London born singer Wayne Beckford signed a major deal with Virgin records for his trio Nine Yards in 1997.

The accomplished artist, musician, songwriter and producer, has since gone on to a production career that now has nearly a decade of history. This Jamaican from Peckham has his new found family of KONVICT music which boasts platinum artists like Akon and T-Pain.
The Jay Dee Remix is the one for the R&B crew, stealing from Minnie Ripperton's 1975 recording Inside My Love. The Radio Edit makes for comfortable 'easy listening' while Todd Terry's Extended Club Mix needs to be pitched waaaay down, assuming you want it to sound anything like a half decent rendition of the song but hey, what the hell, if the beats fit, synch it!

  • Radio Edit
  • Todd Terry's Extended Club Mix
  • Jay Dee Remix
The Download Link is here: Download
Filename: Nine Yards.rar Filesize: 35.15 MB

Respect to José Manuel.

Trivia: The group name means 'everything' and the phrase refers to the length of an ammunition belt, i.e. 'Use it all, the whole nine yards.'


  1. I have Matter Of Time somewhere, try and find it over the weekend but I'm gonna be busy so...maybe next week?

    José, can you rip the Bev Knight video from the CD single for me please?

  2. Thanks again Mickey to post this CDS, really i dont like very much hiphop (only oldschool), but I love Jay Dee's remix of this track. The album in my opinion is very boring.

    Original video Quality of Bev Knight is low, but here is it.

    Kind regards

  3. Hey! Thank u so much for this CDS!
    I was lookin' for their ALBUM!
    Please can help with this?!?!?!?
    Can u or someone upload it 4 me?!?!?
    Thank u in advance!
    My e-mail:

  4. Thank you!!!
    Thank you!!!
    Thank you, Mick.
    I was in the same boat as "Anonymous" above...ever since I had heard the Jay Dee remix of this song in a mix, I've been trying to locate their album for this track, dodn't know they had a single for it. You've made my day. Thanks again.

  5. Hey Mick,
    BTW, you wouldn't happen to have any LSK, would ya???

    Peace & love


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