Monday, 13 April 2009

Beverley Knight - Made It Back 1999

Parlophone Records CDRHYTHS 18

Finally, the second of Alifunk's Beverley Knight's Made It Back CD singles. Released in April 1999, this was the first single taken from her re-packaged album. Made It Back '99 features a more commercial production provided by TNT and Mike Spencer, who introduce a sample of 's Good Times by Chic into the song. The Nile Rodgers & Bernard Edwards groove with its bitchin' bassline, has been used more times than a 2 Bit hooker but Boy, does it feel at home on this number. Not much left of the Soul Inside production of course, but what the hey, it still includes Redman & Specialist. I guess you can't make an omlette without breaking eggs?

The single became Knight's first top 20 single in the UK when it peaked at #19 upon its release. It was supported by a re-released version of Prodigal Sista, which contained this and two other remixed tracks. A new video was also created, but was not included on the CDS but I've included it here. As with the original, it uses the TNT 7" Mix which does not feature Redman. The Booker T Night Time Dub is typical 4x4 Garage fodder although it does retain much of the vocal.

  • TNT Good Times 12" Mix
  • TNT Good Times 7" Mix
  • Booker T Night Time Dub
  • Original Album Version
The Download Link is here: Download
Filename: Beverley Knight.rar Filesize: 58.6 MB


  1. Good post. Fun to have the video in there too!

  2. Thank you again Mickey to post this CDS.
    I know that it's a commercial mix but i love it, powerfull voice with a infectious beat.
    I'm happy to watch this video, i suppose that my friend Larry DJ is happy too (he's a big specialist on R&B videos).

    Kind regards

    P.D. I have so many CDS and 12" from Bev, I'll post another soon

  3. I have loads of 90's soul videos on VHS, from Soul of MTV, but no way of getting them onto my PC. I bought a video card but the PC ignores it. Very disappointing. :-(

  4. Hey Ali este sem duvida és un grand CD single de la artista cantante Beverley Knight, me gusta mucho su talento,.......

    Plz Mickey let me know when U will rip your Vhs soul videos, of Course I will luv it..... I love videos , that is a ooportunity to see my fav artists performance.

  5. Hi friends!

    the link to download Beverly Knight is expired, please check it out!


    someone can reupload it?
    thx in advance


  6. New Mediafire link. ;-)

    Kymba, can you upload this on mega for me please. I can't replace the file I already upped for some reason?

  7. can somebody reup yjis gem?

  8. Please repost..........

  9. Can you repost that please?

  10. Please can you re-up this!!!


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