Thursday, 24 May 2012

Mantronix (Featuring Wondress) - Got To Have Your Love (1989)

EMI / Electrola Records CDP560-20 3654 2

"Top hit in UK!!" LOL

I pestered poor Mickey to post a rip of his vinyl copy of this a couple of years back when I couldn't find my CD. I've since dug out my Mantronix records though, so this then is a new post for the CD single. Mick has already done a wicked write up as usual, but I'll add my thoughts on this one.

To be perfectly honest with you, this is a massive song for me. The album version, not included on this single, was great, but the extra Funky Drummer break (Kurtis Mantronik really liked his funky drummer breakbeats), funky raps and club breakdown on the Club With Bonus Beats took it to another level.

The Hard to Get Rap version is the rap verses on their own, without Wondress doing her thang, and the Luv Dub strips out the melodic instrumentation to let the sista flow over the more hip-hop style club beats.

Head straight to track 1 (Club with Bonus Beats), however, for eight and a half minutes of musical brilliance, and one of my all time favourite songs.

  • Got To Have Your Love (Club With Bonus Beats)
  • Got To Have Your Love (Hard To Get Rap)
  • Got To Have Your Love (Luv Dub)

The Download Link is here:  Got To Have Your | Filesize: 36.32MB


  1. I have the 7" of this - I actually prefer the non-funk drummer mix, cleaner and crisper for my taste.

  2. I can't say you're wrong - I guess I'm just easily pleased by a good break-beat lol


    when my friend and i first saw mantronix perform this tune on soul train, we ran out immediately to the record store and picked up the LP. lots of stinkers on there, but well worth it just for this tune.

    if you haven't already, check out the vid featuring naomi campbell and sophie okonedo!


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