Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Tammy Payne - In Deeper Life EP 1996

Cup Of Tea Records COT 018

In 1996 this EP, written by Tammy Payne & produced by Jim Barr*, was released on the obscure Bristol label, Cup Of Tea, serving Jazz oddities like Junkwaffel & Purple Penguin. I apologise for the sizzling bacon on some tracks but I'm not aware of this vinyl being available elsewhere.

It's not as accessible as Take Me Now and gives an idea how much of a difference the Loop Mix made to the original version. One for the Jazz Heads out there. I like it, left-field and out there but it's interesting and I'm feeling it.

*Jim Barr was bass player with Portishead (1993-1997) before becoming a producer and shortly after this EP, teaming up with Tammy Payne as Sissi on Cup Of Tea in the late 90's and more recently Jukes on Twisted Nerve.
  • A1 Reason
  • A2 Voices
  • A3 In Deeper Life
  • B1 This Is Where
  • B2 Voices (Seamus 'C' Horse Mix)
The Download Link is here: Download
Filename: Tammy Payne EP.rar Size: 23.97 MB


  1. This is probably one of my most treasured records of all time!

  2. Thanks for this one!
    You have another single called "Do You Feel It?"


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