Thursday, 22 May 2008

Danny Madden - Facts Of Life 1990

WEA Records YZ473T

Danny Madden has worked with the Basement Boys on Ultra Naté's early work, and he was the background singer and vocal arranger on many of the Def Mix productions.

This track was produced by Danny and Carl McIntosh (Loose Ends) with some Dancin' Danny D remix activity. Is it soulful I hear you ask. Look at the cover, see how it pays homage to Marvin, with this kind of pedigree you don't need to ask, just check the acappella and stop worrying.

There was also an album 'These Are The Facts Of Life' but I never got to hear it. This track was featured in the Mario Van Peebles' movie "New Jack City". It's a beautiful thing people!

  • Dancin' Danny D's Accapella Intro Edit
  • Instrumental
  • Dancin' Danny D's 12" Mix
  • Accapella
The Download Link is here: Download
Filename: Danny Madden.rar Filesize: 34.05 MB


  1. Man your blog is hot, nice selections,but I downloaded the danny madden and another track they are full of skips,
    Just letting you know, thanks, was searching eveywhere for the 12 inch versions,

  2. Thanks for the props bro BUT what was the other track?

    I'll re-rip Danny Madden and replace the link. I got a vintage PC and I get compression problems. It maybe the reason for the skips? :-/

    UPDATE: Danny Madden re-ripped and new link! ;-)

  3. okay just grabbed the new post, thanks alot, that was the missing element for my mixed cd, ya a slower pc will do that,when recording, make sure you have no antivirus or anything else running while recording,

  4. wow...i heared this version once on the radio ages ago. i cant believe u have it here. thx

  5. You wouldnt happen to hav the The Touchdown mixes? I'v searched everywhere 4 the mp3...even legally on itunes and napster but i still cant find it..:-(((

  6. Hey Earth Gyrl, I've never been a pretentious bastard and I don't intend to start now. Up front, I didn't know Simon Dunmore remixed this tune!

    Knowing, leaves me wanting... I love the Touchdown Mix of Kenny Thomas - Best Of You and if he done that with Facts Of Life, I want it too.

    It's down to the good folks of the Soul Vendor community. Does anybody out there have any info on this. Would one of you good people like to make it available? :-/

  7. You really need to hear the touchdown remixes. They are totally different from these versions posted. If I remember correctly, these mixes even had something like a full stringed orchastra playing in the background, Massive Attack the song a very deep and epic feel to it.

    I'll keep checking back on this blog for I am in a part of the world where buying rare rnb tracks is totally impossible.

  8. Did anybody ever find those Touchdown mixes? :-(

  9. I have 2 of the touchdown remixes, but not the full mix earth gyrl is asking for. Both are edits :-s

  10. @ Micky P, Bought the touchdown mixes today and remembered you needed them. If you still need them will post on my blog newjacktimes leave a message there if you need em, take care now.


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