Thursday, 24 May 2012

Young Disciples - Apparently Nothin' (1991)

Talkin' Loud, TLKCD 5

I originally posted Apparently Nothin’ in February 2009, but since we're on a program of re-upping all the releases that were saved to (and lost by) Megaupload, I figured I'd rip it again at a higher quality.

Apparently Nothin' is such an undeniable, bona-fide, classic, and it’s the sort of track that should have been on this blog first, before any other tracks are added, kinda thing - it really is that big a tune.

You all know this song. It was the gem in the crown of the UK urban music scene in the 90s. A modern day funk masterpiece, no less. I’d even go so far as to say it is arguably one of the finest slices of music to ever come out of the UK (then again, the YD’s are one of my all-time fave bands, so I’m kinda biased). It was covered by the Brand New Heavies (I have their version laying around somewhere if anyone is curious), but it plain wasn't as good as this original release. There really isn't much to say about this song that you won't already know, I guess.

Its flawless retro funk production, coupled with a killer vocal performance from Carleen Anderson (True funk royalty; her mother was one of James Brown's go-to funky divas, recording the classic Message From The Soul Sisters among others), make it a killer release.

This CD single contains no real surprises - there's the version we all know and love, as well as a shortened Radio Edit, and an Instrumental version (yay!). There's also the Soul River version, which appears on the album, but isn't quite as good (in my opinion anyway), but does have a lovely wah-wah guitar opening.

Ladies and gentlemen, Soul Vendor is proud to present the mighty Young Disciples, Apparently Nothin’.

I've re-ripped it in 192kbps for your listening pleasure, so you may want to re-download. Oh, I also bought the US limited edition remixes recently; I'll get those ripped and upped ASAP for you.


- Kymba

  • Apparently Nothin’ (Edit)
  • Apparently Nothin’
  • Apparently Nothin’ (Soul River Mix)
  • Apparently Nothin’ (Instrumental)
The Download Link is here: Apparently Nothin'.zip | Filesize: 26.33MB @ 192kbps

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  1. Come, come! The Soul River version is THE top version surely! Love that funky Fender Rhodes sound courtesy of Mick Talbot.

    What a brilliant group. Remember seeing Carleen the very first time she performed in the UK with JB's Funky People at the Town & Country Club. I have been told that Marco and Femi were at this gig and decided then and there they needed her in the band.

    The one track of theirs that I haven't got is a version of the Supreme's "Bad Weather" (but it is without Carleen's on vocals for some reason)


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