Friday, 18 May 2012

James Ingram - It's Real 1989

WEA Records W2975CD

James Ingram is from Akron, Ohio. Like the family group Ingram, he is also a self-taught musician who plays piano, guitar, bass, drums and keyboards, as well as having an excellent voice. Additionally, he is a producer and songwriter. He began his career in the '70s as part of the band Revelation Funk and gained his reputation in the Los Angeles area as a session vocalist. His surname and six degrees of seperation seem to be the only connection with Ingram the group?

Having made the grade with his performance on Quincey Jones album and his duet with Michael McDonald on Yah Mo B There, Ingram put his voice on all the best recordings but his own solo work didn't seem to get the same recognition. In 1989, for his third album, the production skills of Gene Griffin were used, with remixes by Teddy Riley, It's Real, the album title track was very much the sound of now. Despite the Swingbeat label, it still sounds pretty fresh. I like the comments from the producers.... (Teddy Riley & Gene Griffin, I guess?)
"Who we working with?"

"It's James man"


"Nah man, James Ingram."
Yeah, New Jack Swing, some of it was damn good!

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  1. Hi, is it possible you could re-up this great cdm. I am a big fan of the guy since I bought 'Better Way' on 12'' and then went onto collect what I could of his. I lost all my vinyl so have been trying to find all my stuff since. He wasn't very big in the UK so had to hunt high and low for his stuff.

  2. Hi Joe, it's freshly re-upped. Hope you dig.

  3. Incidentally, I'm really sorry to hear about your vinyl loss. I got burgled back in '94 and the bastards took all my CDs. Probably sold off for next to nothing on a market somewhere. They might as well have stolen a slice of my soul. I made a damn good job of getting most things back, but I had some real rarities; signed Ice-T CDs for example. Grrr.

  4. Thanks so much Kay Bee. Great blog you have here, love that most of the stuff here isn't the normal 'predictable' stuff that get's posted elsewhere.

    RE: My record collection, I kept record cards of my vinly, very geeky, lol. So have managed to find most of it in cyberspace. It was a real missin of mine.


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