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Omar - Say Nothin' (1997) - CD1 & CD2

RCA/BMG 74321 50286 2

Back in 1997 our friend Omar came back in fine style with a track, Say Nothin', that plain blew me away, despite the album not really being his best work.

Sure, we could probably debate all night what this guy's finest hour was (for some, it would obviously be There's Nothing Like This, for me, it could well be Saturday or Keep Steppin' (Uptight Remix), and our boy Nitro argues there's too damn many finest moments to pick from - I'm inclined to agree), but whatever, this song surely has to be up there with the best of them.
Featuring another hero of mine: Russell Tyrone Jones aka Ol' Dirty Bastard aka ODB aka Dirt Dog aka Osiris aka Big Baby Jesus(!) aka Ason aka Dirt McGirt, this tune had a funky '80s throwback feel to it which appealed to me hugely.

For me, it's all about the Original Mix, which still sounds every bit as fresh as it did 12 years ago, although the Structure Rize Remix has re-recorded vocals and a cheeky interpolation of Gwen McCrae's "All This Love That I'm Giving" to make it a remix of note. I bet you can't listen to that chorus without a big grin spreading across your face. Probably my second favourite version after the Original.

The Rae & Christian Remix is pretty groovy, too - as are the Nightmares on Wax, Opaz and Scratch Professor Mixes. All in all, there's not a bad version of the track. Odd really, on most CD singles there's usually at least one remix that makes you think "why on Earth did they bother?" - Or is that just me?

So, here it is, in all its dual CD Single glory. CD2 link after the jump.

  • Say Nothin' (Original Mix)
  • Say Nothin' (Structure Rize Remix)
  • Say Nothin' (Rae & Christian Remix)
  • Say Nothin' (Opax Remix)
  • Say Nothin' (Nightmares On Wax Remix)
  • Say Nothin' (Scratch Professor and Omar's Dark Mix)
The Download Link is here: Say Nothin' (Disc 1).zip | Filesize: 45.56MB

RCA/BMG 74321 50287 2

CD2 contains the Original Mix again, as well as a Radio Edit which has no ODB!! Booohoooo! However, this ODB-less version does show off the lovely bridge section our perenially inebriated hiphoppa otherwise drowns out.

Sip N' Taste is fairly standard Omar fare, meaning by anyone else's standards it's excellent. Typical Omar type keyboards on this one. Give it a listen and you'll hear what I mean. Good tune.

Oh Baby is a very sexy track featuring some really well sung backing vocals from an uncredited female singer, possibly Sylvia Bennett Smith, as she's listed as a co-writer. I really like this track, it's slinky and sexy, and sounds way too good to be a backup track/B-side. In fact, for me, it's the pick of the tracks on Disc 2. Whadda you think?

  • Say Nothin' (original mix)
  • Say Nothin' (Radio Edit)
  • Sip N' Taste
  • Oh Baby
The Download Link is here: Say Nothin' (Disc 2).zip | Filesize: 26.02MB


- Kymba


  1. what a brilliant post .
    thank you very much...
    Finest hour ? too many .

    A BIG Omar fan...


  2. Can't go wrong with Omar. Even though
    "This is not a love song" was not his best material.


    Thanks for the reply (before I get into depression).


  3. Yikes! It WAS on there - I must've accidentally deleted it whilst re-jiggin' the page.

    I'll have it back within ten minutes.

    Sorry, Jaybilla!

    -Kymba :)

  4. All sorted, Mr Jaybilla!

    Enjoy Disc 2.

    We've got more Omar on the way - I'll be adding "Keep Steppin' (Disc 2)" and "Something Real" in the near future.

    -Kymba :)

  5. Kymba,

    You're the shit. Thanks again. Looking forward for more Omar. BTW, do you have that Japan bonus track on For PLeasure called "It's All About".


  6. Hey Jay,

    I don't have that track - my copy of For Pleasure is the UK release, and doesn't feature it.

    I don't think I've even heard it, but would love to, as you've got me intrigued now.

    So if anyone wants to hook a sista up? *hint hint*

    1. Kymba/Mickey P/Jaybilla....I have this bonus track. Cant upload it to a file-share site at the moment (tried all day!) as I'm overseas in Asia for the next few months and my internet connection is very slow. Kymba, please send me your email address and I'll email the mp3 (it seems to work that way for some reason). It's a great track - which took me ages to secure - and features a female vocalist... but I cant work out who it is, as my actual copy and booklet of the Japanese album is in storage in London right now. Anyway, happy to help out this GREAT site whenever I can. Cheers. - Sasha

    2. Sasha, you're a STAR! Send it to kymotherapy@hotmail.com please - we'll make a special post on here about it! :)

  7. Mad props to Kymba ... so glad the blogs back .. been following it for some time ... dlled a lot of what I call classics ....Oh My word .....I lost most of your old downloads cause my hard drive died ...thought I would never see the likes of these amazing tracks ....the blog has made my year a little easier to bear .. used to listen to these gems back in da dayz .. when the sun was out .. had nothin to do but to enjoy this amazing music .. MIND YOU TODAY WAS JUST LIKE DEM OLD DAYS .... Hot except I was at work :( ......

    Thanks for bringing this blog Back 2 Life !!!! Peace and 1Luv

    1. We've had a couple of peeps on here lately with hard drive failures... hope it ain't catching!!

      Still, despite the crap, thanks for sharing the love, 'Pac! It's nice to know we're helpful in any small way when folks are suffering.

      It's all about the love!


    2. Cheers Kay Bee ... Thanks for keeping place alive. I had a 180 gig Seagate External Drive - never thought of burning the gems I got from Soul Vender. I carried that drive - which was a big brick unlike the sleek - compact sized 2.5inch drive you get these days - I live up North - SUNDERLAND and when I went down to derby I left it at my brothers house - he parcel'd it over via DHL and when I got it - it was DOD - I was so hurt that I was in mourning for a week - I simply didn't wanna talk to anyone - these were my life. I tried to recover as much as I could by asking people I shared the tracks with - BTW that 180 gig drive back then cost me £250 - there are a few gems that I purchased which I probably will never see again - they were that rare. ....

      1) Innocence – Natural Thing (Tru Faith Remixes)

      Label:Cooltempo – MJR 005, Cooltempo – MJR005

      Format:Vinyl, 12", White Label, Unofficial Release, 45 RPM


      Released:Jun 2001

      2) REMIKS - Can't Stop (2 side white label bootleg) -- Don't have much info apart from - it had a Jade's "Don't walk away Boy" sample.

      I would be forever grateful if I could request these gems.

    3. I would like to help ....in anyway ... i have the complete collection of Innocence CDS ..I have the 2 albums Build and belief and a lot of the Loose Ends stuff - aswell as probably most of Sade stuff ... CDS and bootlegs etc ... BTW listening to Stephen Simmonds - Tears Never Dry ( Soul Inside Mix) -- giving me goose bumps.

      Its also my BDAY today .... and I am enjoying the love from Soul Vendor - Big Up to all the soul vendors - Peace and 1 Luv.

    4. Oh! That is truly awful, 'Pac!!! Sadly, I can't help you with either of those two tracks - I feel really bad wish I could help.

      I tell ya what though... it's funny you should mention Innocence as I LOVED them back in the day. I was prepping my Remember The Day CDS for posting on here. I can't find any of my other ones like Let's Push It etc. Maybe you could help?? :)

      Big up your Mackem chest!

  8. As for this tune .... its was the Say Nothin' (Rae & Christian Remix) - heard it in bashment at London .. at a club called ba ba rumba .... the dj was sick wid it ... my bloods bday and there was like about 10 of us ...dem confuzed days ..I requested the dj for Rae & Christian feat. Veba - Spellbound - which was a classic and straight after he played the Omars Say nothin remix - blew me away - rewind slecta. ... we was in da club till 5 in da morn.
    Swear those were da best dayz of our lives ........cause of this amazing music. Thats my 2 cents - hope I didn't bore anyone - Peace n 1 luv

    1. You ain't boring nobody - I love this post! Posts like yours are what makes it all worthwhile.

      I'm gonna have to cane the R&C mix a but more... that's one that I don't listen to enough (I always head straight to the original with ODB, or the structure-rize).

      I have to agree with you though - Spellbound is a GREAT track. A future post on here, I reckon.



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