Friday, 18 May 2012

Azizi - Trouble 1991

Arista Records 211 685
Azizi are Nanci Williams and Eileen McKoy, about whom I know little but they seem to be a project. The names that crop up on the vinyl are production by Alun (with a 'U') Lane & Ted Hayton and additional production or remix by Phil Bodger.
For my part, in 1991 Midnight Lover (Young Girl) got played on Essex FM and I thought it was good. I heard no more about them but found the album 'Trouble' purely by chance, some time later.

Thanks Saleiz for pointing out the obvious reference (when you know) to Minnie Ripperton's 1975 'Adventures In Paradise' album.

I also found that my favourite track from the album, the Slam Jam Phil Bodger tweaked 'Don't Say That It's Over' was released with Frankie Knuckles remixes.

Thanks to Finest Def Mix for making it available. ;-)

  • Midnight Lover (Young Girl)
  • Don't Say That It's Over
  • Sweet Thing
  • Evermore
  • Don't Make Me Wait
  • Trouble
  • Free
  • Things Are Not The Way
  • I Betcha
  • (They Long To Be) Close To You
The Download Link is here: Download
Filename: Azizi - Trouble.rar
Filesize: 73.09 MB


  1. Hi, I like the music you posted on your site. That's a very good selection. Thank you!!!

    As for Azizi's "Don't Say That It's Over" (Frankie Knuckles mix), I have posted it on my blog. You can check it at

    All tracks on my blog are ripped from my CD collection.

    Enjoy the music :-)

  2. hello can you re - up this link please because it is dead thank you


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