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Loose Ends - Love's Got Me (1990)

Ten Records TENCD 330

Originally formed in the very early 1980’s, and comprised of members Carl McIntosh, Jane Eugene, and Steve Nichol, Loose Ends are probably the closest thing the UK ever had to a soul/R&B band to perform the impossible task of breaking America (well, until Soul II Soul came along in the late 80’s, that is).

The superb Hangin' On A String (Contemplating) was a hit, both here and America, peaking at #13 on the UK Singles Chart and a healthy #1 in the US R&B Singles Charts, and served as a platform for a small handful of classy minor hits to follow. They disbanded in the late 80’s, but by 1990, a new look Loose Ends appeared, with a reshuffled line-up of Carl McIntosh, Linda Carriere and Sunay Suleyman, and released the album ‘Look How Long’, which had an edgier and more urban sound than the band previously had displayed.

The band split again not long after the dust had settled on their last four releases, but briefly reformed to make a very decent song with Hip-Hop uber producer Pete Rock in 1998 on his Soul Survivor LP. Carl McIntosh threw himself into production duties, producing very respectable names such as Caron Wheeler, and remixing for the likes of D’Angelo among others.

…but I digress. ‘Look How Long’ spawned three monstrous singles, Don’t Be A Fool (Mickey has posted that particular classic elsewhere on TSV), Cheap Talk, and, my favourite of the bunch, the infectiously funky Love’s Got Me.

Love’s Got Me was propelled along by cheeky usage of a Funky Drummer-esque breakbeat sampled from the excellent Sleep Talk by Alyson Williams, and a Carl McIntosh who sang, in places, like he was channelling the late great Marvin Gaye. It was further helped along by an extended version, which added trippy dub elements after four minutes of normality to make a club dance-floor smash - and provide my favourite version of the track.

The flipside, 'Feel The Vibe...' is a nice chill-out track without sans vocals that wouldn't be out of place on a trendy "bar music" collection CD. Not quite the quality of the lead track, but not bad as a bonus.

Love’s Got Me, for me, stands alongside Hangin' On A String (Contemplating) as Loose Ends finest moment. 

What do you think?

- Kymba

PS - why are some of my posts showing up with Mick as the poster? D'ya reckon this is something to do with the site being previously and you re-upping my posts, Mick? I've only just noticed it where I'm going back to older posts and putting a new working DL link in.

  • Love's Got Me
  • Love's Got Me (Extended Version)
  • Feel The Vibe...
The Download Link is here: Download re-ripped @ 192kbps
Filename: Loose Ends - Love's Got Me.ZIP
Filesize: 19.65MB 


  1. My 12" has a Dub Version that might be worth adding later. I have the album and Don't Be A Fool but not Cheap Talk.

    Nice job Kymba, I justified the text but it's all good. Do you want to post Omar next since I haven't, I shall post a couple of requests and bit of 80's I think, when I get a bit of time? ;-)

  2. Okay boss :) - I might have to do a replacement artwork pack for this Loose Ends release as I think I should've done more sharpening (my bad, I only had Fireworks here at work to process the graphics with and not Photoshop (which is on my home PC)) - I'll get Omar sorted and I have Kenny Thomas 'Outstanding (remixes)', En Vogue 'Hold On' and Nuyorican Soul 'It's Alright, I Feel It!' (all CD Single rips) all ready to go.

    Peace and Luvizm x

  3. Nice site mick!!!!

    You havent got the Loose Ends EP from this album that has a longer version of Symptoms of Love'?

    Take care mate..

  4. The Morales mixes is very good too, but the Extended version is killer.....and the best version in my humble oppinion


  5. Frank, I haven't got that, but we'll see what Mickey has to say - however, I'm very interested in it. I've never heard that EP, and I think Loose Ends probably deserve a lil' bit more love on here. I can't help but feel the Hangin' on a String 12" needs to be posted at some stage.

    Larry, I totally agree - the extended mix of Love's Got Me is killer. Pretty much the definitive version of that track. :)

  6. wicked post. have u tammy payne (free)12 .??

  7. Hello there Mr. Black, nice of you to stop by. Long time no see. How's thing's mate, hope you're well. ;-)

    Both my Tammy Payne 12"s are posted here. Sorry anonymous, I don't have Free?

  8. You guys make me miss my record collection something crazy...
    There WERE TWILIGHT FIRM (Demon BoyZ) remixes of Don't be a fool, and Cheap talk which were both stompin!!!

    Anyhow BIG thank you as another excellent post .
    The original Kenny Thomas is also worthy if not only for his acapella

    Thanks and keep it up guys.


  9. I found out what its called. It called ' Time is Ticking Ep'. I think this is the EP that has the longer mix of Symptoms of Love.

  10. I found Don't Be A Fool 12" and I have the album (which I believe is available on CD) but that's it from 1990. I'm sure I have more of their Look How Long 12"s but not in the house. Symptoms Of Love is a killer tune.

    I have found the 1986 12" of Stay A Little While Child which as any Loose Ends fan should know carries Gonna Make You Mine on the flip. Oh my goodness, how good is that track! Coming soon to a Soul Vendor near you.

    Mr V. wonderful to find you here and glad somebody finally found Everis. Sorry it's a bit crackly but I was just pleased to get a copy at all.

    I have no problem posting your vinyl mate as long as it isn't available through the proper channels, i.e. record company album or CD. I also need full size cover art and labels. Thanks for sharing my friend.

  11. 'Feel The Vibe' 'not bad as a filler'? Surely there has to be some kind of mistake here!!

  12. Hey Badboy, don't give her a hard time mate. It's her first post and the girl is giving her opinion.

    I quite like that Summer Madness track too, that was a nice filler. Kool & The Gang flipside, anybody recall the main track (without looking it up?)... Nah, me neither?

    Woo Hoo, old school baby, back in the day!;-)

  13. S'okay, he wasn't giving me a hard time - and I apologise if I've offended your BadBoy sensibilities! ;)

    Sooo, BBS, are you saying it's a great track, or are you saying it's doodoo?

    Kymba xxx

  14. I think Badboy was saying it's a Mutha!

    You have to remember that this was 1990 Kymba. Cubase wasn't available to every sucka with a computer and a pair of speakers. It may sound a little repetitive now but at the time it was cool as ice! B-)

  15. Hey, I DID say it was nice! :D


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