Friday, 9 October 2009

Serenade - Friend Not A Lover 1993

Mission Records 12 MISH 4

What can I say, I have no info on Serenade but they were produced and mixed by The Ethnic Boyz. The song is written by Marcus Johnson, Mark Beswick and Steve Campbell. The music is published through Passion Music Ltd. which is associated with good independent soul releases.

Sweet Mercy and Bush Beat are House mixes by Eric Powell and Joti Sidhu. They didn't impress then and they leave me cold now. Just my opinion of course?
  • R&B Mix
  • Hip Hop Mix
  • Dub Vocal Mix
  • Sweet Mercy Mix
  • Bush Beat Mix
The Download Link is here: Download
Filename: Serenade.rar Filesize: 45.19 MB


  1. se16

    You seem very cold about this track, its a wonder why you posted it, but i loved it when it came out, thats the njs in me. there 2nd 12" was not to bad either but never heard anything else from them.

  2. se16, would you like the brixton bass remixes of david grant's life, just thought it would be right up your street if you don't already have it of course.

  3. My apologies se16, didn't mean to sound cold. In fact, what I meant to put across was "The Ethnic Boyz", what else can I say?

    It was a rush job, a request that I had no info for and I wanted to post it. Consider my wrists slapped.

    Mickey P. ;-)

  4. no apologies needed just i read your write ups with respect,take care now se16.

  5. Could you repost the file?
    Thank you.

  6. Mega link is working fine Jayce?


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