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Jomanda - I Like It (Remixes) 1993

Atlantic Records A8377TX

I have written of New Jersey's Jomanda previously and touched on the career of Joanne Thomas, Cheri Williams and Renee Washington. Their 1989 song, Make My Body Rock, appeared on the soundtrack to Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. They had several hits on the U.S. Hot Dance Club Play chart during the first half of the 1990s, including Got a Love for You, which hit number one in 1991. It also crossed over to the mainstream, peaking at number 40, on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100. They are best remembered for that song, now considered a house music classic.

I Like It is a Hit Factory recording, penned by Randy & El DeBarge, licenced from Big Beat Records and produced and mixed by Buff Love at The Fat House.

Kenny 'Rah-Rah Smoove' Kornegay
mixes up the Nubia Soul Remix (which you can find in CD quality on the previous post along with the Original Mix) and a nice Jazzy Version alongside Darin 'Piano Man' Whittington, for Untouchables Productions.

This 12" features remixes by The Beatnuts who were an underground Latino production crew that first hooked up in the '80s. The Beatnuts entered the recording industry in 1990 producing two tracks for the electronica group Stereo MC's.

Junkyard Ju-Ju (Jerry Tineo) and Psycho Les (Lester Fernandez) were DJ-ing parties under the alias Beat Kings. The Jungle Brothers claimed that they were not kings, but rather 'two nuts' for their comical nature. Thus, they changed their name and "it stuck". The two members met up with rapper Kool Fashion (born Berntony Smalls now known as Al' Tariq) and made their name as a production trio before Kool Fashion left the group to start a solo career.

Over the next two years, they produced songs for many rappers. As of 1992, Ju-Ju had not appeared on a record but Fashion and Psycho Les appeared on tracks that he produced. The Beatnuts made their name as remix specialists by remixing songs for Monie Love, Cypress Hill, MC Lyte, Da Lench Mob, Naughty by Nature and, of course, Jomanda, as well as many others. Here, they serve up the fine Vibes Mix and it's Instrumental counterpart. My personal favourite is their Lounge Mix which has a nice smooth feel to it. Enjoy!

  • Original Mix
  • Nubia Soul Remix
  • Lounge Mix
  • Vibes Mix
  • Vibes Instrumental
  • Jazzy Version
The Download Link is here: Download
Filename: Jomanda.rar Filesize: 42 MB


  1. The link is not working...thanks for upping this.

  2. Thank you, Mr.Mickey P! "Vibes Mix" is one of my fav' mix!

  3. Another big tune Mr P. I am sure one of the Jomanda girls passed away recently? I am sure somoene will confirm...

    Frank Black

  4. Hi Mickey. Good to see your site back. Can't understand why "they" keep taking your site down when there are so many other blogs out there happily posting brand new music?

    Hope it doesn't get you down!

    Many thanks.

  5. I really *really* love the blog and the effort you obviously put into it, but the noise reduction on these tracks is so harsh that they are practically unlistenable.

    Perhaps it might be better to let us listen to all the pops and crackles? Part of the vinyl experience...

  6. Frank, do you mean another one, I mentioned Yavahn on the previous Jomanda post?

    Jason, I did use 'clean up' on this one cos it was a bit crackly. I normally do them by hand because they are mostly in fair condition. I'm glad you mentioned that it's noticeable though, I'll bear it in mind. May even rip this again?

    Mickey P. ;-)

  7. Why upload music then make people jump through hoops to get a copy on that stupid sharebee site ? i try get it then its telling me to do a quiz which if i complete will mean im consenting to them charging me money every week or another survey that asks for all my personal details and then tells me my phone number isnt legit when it is as i use it every day, just annoying and not sure why anyone genuine would put their visitors through that unless the whole point of this site is just to make cash by pretending your interested in music ? just confusing why you cant just use a normal file sharing site like div share or any of the other hundred free ones that dont do shit like that, was looking forward to getting a copy of that song but will just keep looking as not worth the hassle of having to post all my personal info on the net or having to sign up to a paid subscription service to get it

  8. Sorry you had so much bother Andy. Please carry on looking... elsewhere, bye!

    Anybody else think I'm 'making money' from this site. Can I suggest that anybody downloading my 'free rare vinyl' choose mega or rapid and close all ad windows that open. I sure as hell will not pay to give you free music, I've already done that once?

  9. wow,never had this version of this song.Excited to

  10. Without doubt, one of THE best & most knowledgeable blogs regarding soul music I have ever read.
    Absolutely brilliant.

  11. Preciate this. Been looking for this remix for years!

  12. link megaupload ok


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