Sunday, 4 October 2009

Blue Zone - Thinking Of His Baby 1987

Rockin' Horse Records RHT 115

Devaney & Morris were indeed a Big Thing. Ian Devaney (Trombone and Guitar) and Andy Morris (Trumpet and Flugelhorn) made a fair impact on the UK dancefloors. Two very competent producers, both contributing keyboards, backing vocals and writing skills.

Blue Zone (simply called Blue Zone in the UK and Europe, Blue Zone UK in the United States) was something extra special. This project introduced the planet to the vocal stylings of 'The Rochdale Lass', Lisa Stansfield, who also contributed lyrics to the songwriting.

After the the singles 'On Fire', 'Thinking About His Baby' and 'Jackie', all released in 1987, the 'Big Thing' album was released in 1988 (all but one of the songs written by Stansfield/Devaney/Morris) and then the trio and label Arista decided to focus on Lisa's solo career. Morris would co-write and co-produce the first three Stansfield albums before departing the trio.

Thinking About His Baby is stark bilge, in my humble opinion of course, it's all about Big Thing on the flip which is an absolute gem of a track. Funny enough, side 1 is engraved RHTX (X scratched out) 115 (A1 scratched out) A2, which might indicate that they intended to change Big Thing to the lead track. Unfortunately, it's marked RHT 115 B1 which doesn't support that argument?

Devaney and Stansfield would eventually marry and now own a music publishing business and continue to write and record together.

  • Thinking About His Baby (Extended)
  • Big Thing (Extended)
The The Download Link is here: Download
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  1. mickey p, what can i say apart from the best blog ever and you have almost the same taste as me.I am so glad i found you again. blue zone eh, such a group, i had a thing for lisa when i was a young man. keep them posts coming, anything with teddy riley is all good even though i have most. thank you so mush for everything se16

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  3. se16, my apologies for the lack of posts. I haven't had the time or facilities to put anything up for quite some time. I hope to return some time soon. Watch this space.

    Mickey P. ;-)


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