Thursday, 30 July 2009

The System - The Pleasure Seekers 1985

Boiling Point Records POSPA 753

Vocalist/guitarist Mic Murphy and keyboardist David Frank got together in New York during 1982. As The System, they performed the energetic title track of their 1985 album The Pleasure Seekers on an episode of the hit series Miami Vice. Murphy's soulful vocals & Frank's expertise in recording studio technology gave their material a robotic, synthesizer-driven sound that many felt was ahead of its time. Their music was used in films such as Beat Street, Beverly Hills Cop & Coming to America, while their talents were commisioned for Scritti Politti, Phil Collins, Chaka Khan and Mtume among others.

That said, The Pleasure Seekers is puerile 80's drivel (in my humble opinion of course) and should be listened to once only, just to confirm my opinion. It's a shame there isn't a Radio Edit to make the job a little less painful?

This release is all about the B-Side. The Extended Version of their 1982 dance floor hit, You Are In My System from their début album Sweat, it was their first success. Nearly eight blissful minutes of top notch 80's Groove. Smooth as a baby's bum with a wonderful bubbling bass line. Listen to that opening cymbal rattling away like a angry rattlesnake and the eerie keyboard chords. I love this song, don't know how I missed the original release but I'm very pleased that I got tipped off and managed to pick up this 12". Essential!

  • The Pleasure Seekers (Long Version)
  • The Pleasure Seekers (Dub Mix)
  • You Are In My System (Extended Version)
The Download Link is here: Download
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  1. Hey Mickey could you please reup the Pleasure Seekers 12"? Used to blast this in the park out of my JVC back in the day.

    Haven't heard from you or the other bloggers in a while. I miss FUNKYUNIVERSUM.

    Hope everything is well. Take care.



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